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  1. Double post by accident..
  2. Hey, I may have asked you this before.. but what/where do you study? (If you don't mind disclosing, of course.)
  3. A bit random, but your sig :awesome:

    The Breakfast Club :ahee:
  4. Any chance you could let me know when you've read my message, just so its been received.
  5. I can't PM at the moment as I need to clear up my PM folder, so...

    (Original post by JPKC)

    1. Basically, as I see it, I disagreed about the disestablishment of the Church. In a sense, I suppose I don't believe all organised religion should be completely banned/prevented. Rather, I believe that secularisation should be preferred; religion should not play a role in politics, law, nor should it be an influence in education. Furthermore, I am now opposed to the idea that the Church of England should receive funds from the State as, like every other religion, it ought to not have a grip on the running of the country. Although I was against the Party line previously, I can accept that I may have been rude (I cannot see my messages so cannot remember what I actually said, word for word), however I don't agree with kicking somebody out just because they disagree on one matter.

    2. I do not think for one minute that the USSR was what Marx would have called a 'communist state' nor a good example of a 'perfect' example of Communism. My argument previously was, however, that it was an example of how extreme Communism could become something horrible that, in many ways, was little more than an authoritarian, despotic régime. That said, my view is that we should strive for Socialism in a sensible, democratic way. That means that I believe in democracy, liberalism, and left-wing economic and social policies rather than an authoritarian leftist dictatorship. To be honest I think most socialists today would agree that the Stalinist view of Socialism was completely wrong. I was merely trying to point out that Socialism/Communism can be very distorted; repression of the religious is another path to dictatorship.

    So, basically, I take back what I said about religion but do not agree with complete repression of religion. Therefore, separation of Church and State are preferrable in my opinion
  6. Oddly enough, I was hoping your current avatar would make a comeback a few days ago. Love it! :laugh:
  7. Hi,

    I would just to like to ask if I could be removed from the party?
    I have been re-thinking my political views and have decided I am closer to the centre - left than this party perhaps aligns itself.
    Could you please remove me?


  8. Thanks very much. Alright thanks, I will PM him.
  9. Thanks for the rep, good luck with your amendment.
  10. Are you going to reply to my post?

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