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  1. Oh look who it is again. I gotta go clean my mercury silverware, hey it's harmless ! So is lead .
  2. tsr deleted all the posts.

    Okay. Why would they pollute the water and environment, but not the body or your tooth ??

    Also, on a general note, if I knew mercury was in something, like paint, or a make-up product, I would naturally fear and question it.
  3. Kartace

    Read this, it systematically destroys every anti-amalgam article by using logic, Evidence and properly conducted studies with NO RISK OF BIAS. As it's a systematic review it looks at evidence for and against and also analyses each individual study on the basis of it's quality of evidence and design.
  4. "I am afraid there is no substantial peer reviewed evidence to support your claims."

    So what ? Even if that was true which I doubt, there is other evidence out there.
  5. you are too ignorant to look at the facts.

    many professionals, which is the only thing you care about, say they are dangerous. just youtube it,

    i want to be nice, but you are making it difficult.
  6. Because Neil deGrasse Tyson is evidently a badass.
    I find the sig funny, and it has annoyed several people, so that's good enough for me. You realise there's a block button on the forum, right?
  7. Oh cool,

    I dedicate this song to you!
  8. People will pay you to be inhumane:dong:
  9. I'm international student ( malaysia) . Applying for undergraduate dentistry for 2013 intake. GCSE grades : 3A* 6A, 2B . Doing chem, bio, math, phy with expected results of aabb. UKCAT score is awfully low with only 543 on the average. Applying to Bristol, Liverpool, Glasgow, and Queen's Belfast. I want your opinion on the universities that i've picked.
  10. Hi there,

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