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  1. How lovely. :^_^: Perfume commercials are my secret obsession. I watch the Miss Dior Cherie commercial with the balloons whenever I'm down. :lol:
  2. I heart Miu Miu! <3 Madonna recently wore a pair of sunglasses from the noir collection at the Venice Film Festival. Really loved them. :laugh:

  3. Hahahaha yep, this absolute clown cries for about 30 pages on his profile with randomers that didn't like his post. Don't neg the subs :rofl:, does he think he's important or something? I've posted like 20 comments and destroyed his personality but he's so embarrassed that he deletes all of them

    I just neg him every time I see him post now. It will make him cry more than any discussion. :grin:
  4. Don't neg the subs.
  5. Hey ya, how are you? Hope everything's bonzer over there in Brizzay.
  6. :hmmm:
  7. I have no idea but he mesmerizes me too.
  8. hey m new on tsr please add me as ur frnd........
  9. Miu-Miu
    Nobody cares :lolwut:

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