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  1. We could always start our own Chitrid thread and title it 'Actual frogs are in crisis'

    I love amphibs
  2. I understand that - no worries of course. Just acknowledging your comments!
  3. I shall give you rep for that hilarious GIF in the "girls can be so blahblablglabl' thread. Quite funny
  4. Sorry. Laziness and then forgot. Remind me what on the 25th of May after my last exam.
  5. I found the pic in your sig amusing AND inspirational. I'm alternating between fits of giggles and odd determination. Bizarre.
  6. I concur with the below - your sig is very amusing
  7. Your sig just made me laugh out loud. :lol:

    Very amusing!
  8. Well I wrestle part time the attitude rubs off on you after awhile, thank you though I needed someone to confirm that Im not going insane or that what Im feeling isnt wrong. People often assume as a mother you have a right to be in your childs life however, that does not give them carte blanche to screw up lives. So nice to meet a kindred spirit
  9. Thank you Alpharius your post actually cheered me up alittle

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