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  1. Haha, now I feel bad when you reply so fast!

    Drama theory? Sounds painful :laugh:

    You wouldn't bore me at all: after I've had a listen to the other bands I'll be happy to have some more suggestions.

    Yes, I'll agree with that - the little sister hunting was so boring in Bioshock 2, kinda ruined it. But the:

    part near the end where you control a little sister and see what she sees was really awesome

    Already? I'm going to uni so I won't be able to play it when it's released. I'll probably get it for cheap in the summer if I can wait that long

    I think I saw both, a blue and a red one? Yeah, he changed mine twice, looks pretty cool. :yep: But it seems like he's retreated back into exam revision again.
  2. Ach, I'm getting too slow at replying. Sorry for my lateness

    I don't really go on the chat threads so I haven't really noticed, but I guess some forums on here are friendlier than others.

    I mix up doing essays/reading with my art, keeps it interesting. I couldn't ever focus on just one of those, but that's just me.

    I haven't heard/listened to quite a lot of them, so I'll have a look. But I like Panic!s new album - didn't really like them before but their new stuff is pretty good. Feel free to suggest more, I like knowing about new bands or ones that I like too.

    Ah, but ME3 looks like it'll be pretty amazing, and all the old characters are coming back it seems. I felt Bioshock 2 was a little more clunky in terms of control, and I didn't like all the focus on Big Daddies/Sisters. Using the drill was really fun though.

    The sig he made you looks really good (I saw it in his sig).
  3. I shall have your sig done tonight :awesome:

    I decided to chill and do nothing today but draw and work on photoshop
  4. Sorry for the delay! I started writing out a reply a day or so back but my laptop decided to overheat (and lost it all )

    Yeah, I guess we are. I didn't think when I joined here at first that it was possible to make friends online, but I guess it happens.

    I suppose if you like something then you don't really notice all the work involved.

    Evanescence are one of my favourite bands! And I like Metallica and Paramore too. Other favs include Within Temptation, Muse, Lacuna Coil, Lostprophets, new My Chemical Romance, Rammstein and so on. I like a lot!

    I can't wait for ME3 and Bioshock Infinite! Loved ME2 much more than ME1, but it was the opposite for Bioshock.

    And you already know my favourite games.
  5. :sadnod: I'll be glad when it's all over.

    Nah, I don't know him personally, I just talk to him often

    It is a lot to remember, but I like it. Drama sounds fun, but I'm awful at acting

    Oh cool! I'm hoping to be able to play guitar someday - I've got an electric but I still need to learn the basics I guess. Got any favourite bands?

    Oh, good choices, especially FF and Elder Scrolls (Morrowind and Oblivion are two of my favourite games :love:) Apart from that, Mass Effect, Assassins Creed, Monster Hunter, Bioshock and Advance Wars are all amazing series.
  6. Yeah, especially with deadlines galore at the moment. :sigh:

    He seems so busy right now that I think he's non-existent at the moment. He'll appear eventually I guess, you'll just have to wait a while

    Oo, our school doesn't run Philosophy or Drama, they sound quite interesting! I'm doing Adv English, Adv History and open learning crash Higher Politics - yes, the last one is as fun as it sounds :dry:. I've applied for History and English (and also History, English and Education).

    Music as in playing it or listening to it? (I'm brilliant at the latter ). But gaming is obviously awesome: what are your favourite games?

    I think our weather's gone backward again, it was incredibly windy and rainy today.
  7. Haha, it's cool. I've been preoccupied with school stuff so I know what you mean.

    I'm sure he will, and yeah you just have to ask him. Think he's a tad busy with school at the moment, but there's no harm in asking.

    Oh cool, what subjects are you doing this year? (I don't know whether you're still at school or at uni ). Haha, even if you say you're not an artist, you sound very much like a poet! But drawing is one of my major hobbies, and I guess I've had a lot of practise (if you're interested, I've got a deviantart account - I know that's harmless self promotion :laugh:)

    I'm so glad that the weather has finally changed for the better (we had snow at the start of the March! :eek:). Hoping that summer is going to make up for that absolutely awful winter we had!
  8. We are indeed.

    She's one of my favs too (haven't gotten that far in FFXIII due to school work, but I'll finish it someday!); Facticity was kind enough to make the sig for me. Aw it's cool, reminds me that I haven't posted on there in aaaages.

    I'm good, been working a lot on school stuff this week (but I finished a dissertation, yay!) so I've decided to chill out today and draw a little. And it's finally sunny!
  9. :hi: fellow Scot! Thank you, glad you liked it! How are you this evening?

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