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  1. Nice to meet you. I am An illegal alien who entered the country on the back of a lorry and decided to join TSR to gain information on how to claim asylum.
  2. Who the fu*k are you?
  3. Fantastic sig
  4. Politics
  5. Hey! its nice to see somebody interested in them!, Im not saying im right but I really think you have to be physically fit. I think people seem to think you jump on the horse it runs around and your done, but thats not the case at all ! Ive got 4 so thats 8 trips up and down fields catching them in, brushing them , running around putting ruggs on/ off, tacking up then they all need to be ridden for atelast an hour, then washed down brushed fed and taken out to the field, on top of that you have to muck them out, clean our the fields, change thier waters etc etc.

    Ive never ever raced but i do 3 day eventing and I think you need to be fir as your at a show fo 4 days, cross country kils me as as im physically having to hold my horse from galloping off aswell as standing up in my stirups for atleast 10 minutes and kick him over jumps, when i did my first big show i fainted ahlf way round I was so unfit :P i goto the gym 5 days a week now just to try keep as fit as the ponies haha !
  6. thanks for the neg? bit random?
  7. Happy birthday!
  8. cool
    challenge accepted im totally gonna get on top of that roof :cool:
  9. Tokyo D: What!?

    But for me the Hilton gave it away. I've never understood how that thing stays up.
  10. I was going to say "Your picture is of Manchester!!", but I got well and truly beaten to it

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