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  1. I'm ever so slightly jealous, I wanted to do Paradise Lost but my class overruled me - did Othello last year for coursework though. Are you using the B text of Faustus? (The one with Pope Adrian abusing Bruno, I think that's the most obvious difference.) I much prefer it.
    Our comparative coursework, I did Nineteen Eighty-Four (Orwell) and The Man who was Thursday (GK Chesterton), but I'm looking forward to doing "Feminism in Pratchett's Hogfather" next
  2. What sort of texts? (And what texts for A-level?) Doing Dracula, Bloody Chamber and Doctor Faustus - Faustus was at the Globe in the summer and it was absolutely amazing, which helped when I was asked about it in interview!
  3. Thanks
    We do AQA, the coward's way out :P Although the exam is on the Gothic, which is pretty good
  4. Scraped a B, so certainly room for improvement... will get the marks for writing after half term, I hope it'll pull me up a bit
    Only one English coursework? What board is that? We've got first courseworks for both due straight after the hols, busy busy busy
  5. I think it's rather funny that we can become so London-centric as to locate people based on their tube station. My younger sister almost had a fit when she realised Oyster cards don't work in Cambridge But even when I talk to people from outside of London, they'll often have some knowledge of the tube, or at the very least be able to see London as "north" or "south" London, when I have trouble finding their county on a map... Just my late night musings :P Got a French oral mock tomorrow, this is like my last night on Earth...

    To be fair to the guy, he probably has to do this stuff to deal with budget cuts etc., but he's cut down our sixth-form contact hours so much that my history teacher says he can only teach us half of the course, and that really annoys me.

    Wondering, what stage are you at in your English and History courseworks? We've been delayed slightly, only just starting history now-ish
  6. One of my scientist friends got Cam and Imperial, but not St Andrews - to be honest, I do like to think that they take something more than grades into account, which explains it
    My Cam course is four years, so the living costs at Glasgow are the same, but Glasgow have lowered their fees so it's the equivalent of four years; guess I'll have to wait until the end of March
    My local tube stop is Gant's Hill, on the Central? Although my nearest, Ilford, is an overground. Yeah, I'm at a grammar as well. Got a new head recently and I really think it's going downhill, but I guess I won't be there much longer...
  7. I think the reasoning behind that is, there are more people in the world who understand Latin than understand Finnish. Finnish is possibly the craziest of the European languages. Did you know, it has no future tense?
    Durham still haven't got back to me Doesn't bother me too much, because the standard offer is too high for me to want it as an insurance, but I know if I hadn't got an offer from Cam I'd be having a mental breakdown by now.
    Between Nottingham and Glasgow (ABB for each). I really like what I've seen of the Glasgow course, and the Guardian league table has it fifth in the UK for Classics, but I keep getting reminded that Nottingham is usually considered a better uni by employers (don't know if it's true, but that's what my teachers say).
    I'm from NE London. Which also makes Glasgow much much further, and my mum isn't happy about that. How about you?
    Are there many offer holders at your school? One of my friends (offer for Selwyn) has promised to wait outside the Sidgewick Site and stalk me :p:
  8. I'm finding myself very easily distracted by Cambridge (especially King's) trivia The man who invented the first (modern) flushing toilet was at King's...
    I went to an open day where a lecturer did one of Cicero's speeches in Latin (unfortunately I didn't have access to the handout) and it was actually scary!
    I'm guessing you want Cambridge as your firm - have you sorted out your insurance? I've got a few open days to go to next month before I finally decide, which would have been rather fun if it wasn't so tricky to get up there
  9. To get through King's is also a straight line, but you have to go around the side because some fellow once had the path moved away from the centre to improve his view
    English, History and French (and an EPQ; dropped Psychology at the end of last year) so some of the same. Obviously English andHistory have coursework units, which makes banking on either for the A* risky; but I'm rather bad at oral French, so glad Latin and Ancient Greek aren't spoken any more!
  10. Actually, when you put it like that I think I do remember. I went past Tit Hall to try and find a short-cut to the Sidgewick site for my post-interview test; got to the front entrance of Clare (I think you can see the side of King's Chapel, behind a gate, from there) and, having worked out the only way to the river was to march through Clare and possibly get lost, backed out and took the long route
    It's a dangerous thought, but always like a dark cloud at the back of my mind that 60% in each A2 is enough for my insurance, whereas Cambridge - What do you study?

    It's strange the amount of focus we tend to have before we start - even before my interviews, I decided that I'd specialise in History and Linguistics, but then I visited the Classical Archaeology museum and was so awestruck I started considering Art History instead! It'll be great to dip into everything to start with though. One of my friends applied (unsuccessfully) for PPS, and started out just going for the politics strand, but got really into the Social Anthropology during his wider reading

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