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  1. You made me feel all paranoid for a moment that I'd written it by accident, I had to check :P
    Is Clare set back from the road? I don't remember seeing it when I went up for interviews, but loads of photos of King's have it visible across the gardens
    Classics ab initio Still seems incredibly far off though - coursework, exams, and a massively empty holiday to look forward to :P
    Are you interested in any one strand of PPS?
  2. Not quite, my offer's from King's - you might need to check your sources But hey, from what I can tell King's and Clare are pretty much next door neighbours! What's your subject?
  3. hey, sorry i haven't replied.... well from stalking you a bit myself I see you have an offer from clare. I was so close to applying there myself, its so pretty XD I know a guy who has an offer for music at clare XD Are you a politics person? as in planning on specialising on the politics path? i'm yet to find another psych person so far =/ I'm so scared that I won't get the grades now I have the offer, still feels unreal almost 3 weeks later! Congrats on your offer too x
  4. I guess so ;D
    I'd better start working then..
  5. There must be this thing with people's uncles and Magdalene - I know someone else who's uncle went there too, haha. Weird stuff.
  6. Haha, that's a lot of reasons!
    I went punting along the river and saw the college, thought it was really beautiful (plus it had the longest "beach" ), they didn't want the TSA but preparatory study before interview instead (involving an unseen article), which I thought I would be okay at. They also took a reasonable amount of PPSers every year (4, in comparison to say, Trinity Hall which only takes 2). The location was a bonus too - it wouldn't be swamped by tourists like King's, but it was still very central.

    ..seems like I had quite a few too :P
  7. I honestly have no idea if there's stats in the psychology paper! If there was, I'd imagine it'd be pretty simple stuff though.
    Haha I know, this is meant to be the "easy" bit...fingers crossed all goes well for both of us!
    Oh trust me, those crappy mark schemes are universal..
    What made you pick Clare btw?
  8. Yeah, I looked at it but no-one seems to actually be talking to one another!
    I did contemplate research methods but I assume that it'll be very fairly statistical - I've had enough of maths to last me a lifetime! Hmm, guess we'll see when and if we get there..

    Oh damn, I've heard AQA biology's horrible!
  9. Ohh, I did see that but didn't want to seem like a total douche if I joined and then missed my offer so I'm not joining at the moment! After results day..we'll see, haha.
    Ah, I guess you're hating bio then too? Which exam board are you on? I'm on Edexcel's SNAB.
    Same, the other two sound really interesting and I'm definitely willing to try everything! If I do get in, then I'd do the 3 (socio, psychology and politics) and then maybe social anthropology. I think that's what most people do for their 4 options, especially since that combination used to be "strongly advised". I dunno though, I'll probably come to a decision once I'm there and just pick the one which seems the most interesting. What about you?
  10. I don't know where else to look other than tsr..where would you suggest we carry out said search? Haha, I feel as though we're almost 'hunting down' all the PPS-ers that have refused to show themselves :P

    Really shouldn't, but here I am once again..
    I also do Sociology and Biology! Sociology I like, Biology...not so much at the moment! I'm guessing that politics is your main interest then in the tripos?

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