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  1. Hiya, that was nice of the uni lecturer to get you work expereince at her practice. If she thinks that its sufficient then it should be ok. I think you should defo keep trying to get expereince in an hospital, even its for a day. You could travel further if its just for a day.

    I didn't do the course last year because i couldn't afford it and i'm lucky my benefits changed so now i get to do the access course for free.

    Try not to worry to much about your back. Have you asked the college for any support? They might be able to help you somehow.

    Yes, our course should be similar so we can support each other if you like. You should defo ask if you can do extra units, i think they offer extra units for work expereince and maybe for projects.

    I'm still waiting for the college to get back to me about an assessment date, i really hope they get back to me soon xx
  2. Hi hun, i get my fees covered because i receive benefits for being unwell. I enquired about it at the college and they said that as long as i have evidence i get my fees remitted.

    Try your best to get some expereince in a hospital, thats vital, so keep trying. I think the hospitals in manchester take on volunteers and a hospital in crewe does too, thats where i've enquired and they said that they'll get back to me. They're really nice.

    I will definatley keep nagging them about the interview, i really want to get on the course this year.

    Its the access course to Nursing and Allied Health Professions that i want to do because i want to be an Occupational Therapist and thats allied health.

    They said that the Nursing and Midwifery course if full but they should have some places on the one i want to do.

    Have you got on the course that you want to do? xx
  3. Hi hun, i just found out that manchester college do a part time access course, so i'm super excited about it. I'll have my fees covered and i can do it part time over 1 year or 2, so i have a few options there.

    I'm abit nervous about the assessment day though because they said they dont think they have many dates left, so i'm going to keep nagin them to give me a date, lol.

    I know how much of a bitch it can be to get work expereince in a hospital. You just have to keep writing to as many hospitals as you can and 1 is meant to get back to you. You should do some research on the internet and see what other settings are good for work expereince and your uni application and get a place for them. Work expereince is vital so try your best to get some expereince. Maybe put a portfolio together, which is what i'm going to do. xx
  4. They take the piss dont they with the fees, honestly, they want to get people off the dole but no1 can afford to study and get a good job.

    How about the online course? I think thats £900! I'm going to enquire again about the part time route but i've also applied to salford college and i'm waiting for them to get back to me. You could try them if they're cheaper, i'm not sure about the costs though. They have close links to Salford uni is you want to go there.

    Yes, work expereince is a must. Did you want to do nursing? My friend did children's nursing and she got experience on a ward and at a school for children with physical disabilities. I think the expereince on the ward is vital so you should write to hospitals close to you and see if they will let you volunteer.
  5. Hi hun, how are you? I have no idea what i'm doing to be honest. I just found out that they don't offer the course part time and i cant afford £40 a week to commute by train into manchester full-time . I have no money right now either because of a few financial problems at home. So i might be doing it next year after saving up for a year. It might work out better that way so that i can focus on learning to drive this year and that way i can drive to univeristy and to my placements.

    I'm going to spend my year doing small courses such as first aid and anything else health related, as well as lots of volunteer work and work experience, so that i dont waste the year. I'm going to try find an OT assistant job too.

    Anyway, thats my life story so far, lol.

    How are you getting on with your application? I hope you're having more luck than me xx
  6. PSYB1? No sorry I only have the Unit 2 paper :/ Sorry
  7. Hi Natasha,

    Would you mind sending me some of the task 3 questions for the as biology empa, I would really appreciate it.


  8. Hi Hun, I'm thinking of doing the online course because of the costs but it would be nice to go into college to socialise with others, I also love Manchester.

    I havn't go any info on the course, just what lambchopikins is going to email me. I'm looking forward to the biology and psychology and if I get onto the course I'll pro do some background reading to get ready for the course. I know that a good book for psychology is the one by Gross, I can't remember the tittle though.

    My friend is a children's nurse and she did say it was difficult to get onto the course, but she only wanted to go to one university. She was abit weak academically but what helped her get onto the course was lots of work experience. So I think it'll really help you if you got some work experience in a hospital.

  9. Hi Hun, I've been considering doing the online course too. I have been saving up for a while now. I was going to do the course online in jan like lambichopkins has done but I didn't have all the money at the time. So I'm still considering doing it.

    I would like to go into the college because I love manchester, but again it depends on the fees.

    What are you thinking of doing after the access course? I want to do Occupational Therapy. I'v had first hand and second hand experience of working with an occupational therapist and I have seen the impact they have on people's lives and I want to help others the same way xxx
  10. Hi Hun, I'm going to be doing the course at the college, I'm hoping I can get some help with the fees that way. I also love Manchester so it would be nice to study there.

    Are you studying the course with Manchester college? Xx

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