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  1. Yes, it will definitely help for GAMSAT and it makes sense if you are applying to those universities. Personally I thought the UKCAT route was simpler for non-science graduates, e.g. Warwick, King's, Newcastle, but the cut-off scores are so ridiculously high that I can understand why you're looking towards GAMSAT and self-teaching A-levels, especially as your essay-based degree will help for the first two sections. If you start applying for HCA jobs quite soon to start before September 2014 (it takes ages to actually start from the time you apply) then you will be fine for Leicester.

    Well, best of luck, I am no longer applying myself and have succumbed to the world of finance so at least you will have one less competitor at Leicester!
  2. Ah, I see, I thought you may not have known. Which ones are you applying to?
  3. Just to let you know, you do not need Chemistry A-level (or any particular A-level subjects/grades) for many graduate medicine courses.
  4. Hi there,
    We don't know each other, and hence sorry for interrupting, but I'm desperate for native speakers of English to complete my M.A. survey, would you be so kind?
  5. Just popping in to say I love your blog Clicked on it on a whim when I saw the link in one of your posts, and I've enjoyed scrolling through the pics and recipes.

    I hope this wasn't as creepy as I am now coming to realize it may be...
  6. Hi. I saw the signature in your post, and I'm curious about your shift from law into medicine. I'm going to the UK to study law soon. Was there anything particularly bad about law there? Besides the usual workload etc. Or was it just a change of interest?

  7. I'll take the safe, dusty annals of the law over blood and guts anyday!
  8. Are you seriously going to consider dropping law having studied it from 2011 and graduating next year?!
  9. I freaking love you! Kiss yo' mama for me, for raising a concise young lady
  10. what happened? stalker?

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    I have just graduated with a high 2.1 from the University of Southampton in law, but am currently planning my switch to Graduate Medicine. I like to swim, read, eat and my wanderlust is incurable.
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    A-level: A*AAB in History, Maths, French and Spanish

    LLB Bachelor of Laws - University of Southampton - 2.1 (67%)

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