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  1. I dont think anything I say will rival you. I mean you risk your life to save the unfortunate from plastic alligators - and to top it off you have weird eyebrows and a gap in your teeth.

    That would explain what exactly..? :holmes:

    Ermm lets see, I'm the funniest person I know, I'm tall, I box to stay fit, I've travelled way too much for my age, I was born on New Years day, I have all my teeth, I can cook - sorta :smug:, Muhammad Ali is one of my heros along with Malcolm X, I'm obsessed with the US Office, I love Canada, and even though i'm thin - I eat ALOT and if I could eat anything at all it would be a giant squid, but i'd feel bad because I think they're cute, with their one eye and crazy arms.

    Now you tell me everything
  2. Haha I bet, darn those no good plastic Alligators and their false teeth.

    Well, I am the most amazing person anyone will ever talk too. But in all seriouseness what would you like to know?:eek:

    I have Scottish blood in me too, actually I'm very mixed/confused :ahee:
  3. Aye, are you Scottish :ahee:

    Bahah that sounds...eventful. I was under the (false) impression that you saved innocent families from sharks and stuff...not plastic alligators...
  4. You're also a lifeguard. You saved any lives yet? Or were you like "lol jk I aint helping you, you prob deserved to drown" :holmes:..also your GCSE's are best. :smug:
  5. Nothing like a good bit of sarcasm
  6. Pfft see, who's gift was more worth while then? A bunch of dead flowers orrr a selection of Aloe Vera soaps with a complementary towel!...I think we know the answer to that

    Wonderful children day eh? Great concept, I like it.
  7. Well we cant all be connoisseurs :smug:...only joking

    Flowers! Is that the traditional gift for Mothers day? I bought my Mum an Aloe Vera set O_o.

    It's a silly concept, I think the cheesy line applies, every day should be mothers day :ahee: amiright?
  8. Well, I had a Nandos chicken in the fridge, chopped that bad boy up, and fried some mushrooms, onions, spring onions, chillis etc..added that to the chopped up chicken then added spaghetti. Mixed all of that up then added some Pesto, it was yum!!

    What did you get up to for Mothers Day?
  9. Im sure you'll be fine - everything always works out

    Ha! Yes it was a bit late, but she came home late and I promised her I was gonna make her dinner, so being a good son I had to fulfill said promise!
  10. I did hear about a great bus service! The campus is meant to be beautiful too. Spanish Law eh

    Buena suerte!

    Im going to go make my Mum her promised Mothers Day dinner now ..


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    University of Southampton
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    I have just graduated with a high 2.1 from the University of Southampton in law, but am currently planning my switch to Graduate Medicine. I like to swim, read, eat and my wanderlust is incurable.
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    A-level: A*AAB in History, Maths, French and Spanish

    LLB Bachelor of Laws - University of Southampton - 2.1 (67%)

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