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  1. It was very sad

    I think my relationship with my mum is a bit too good. When I said Cambridge, she started talking about me coming back every weekend (it's an hour max away) or commuting every day which is a bit.. oppressing. I want to leave home soon.

    You speak the truth. It's tempting to obsess about how the now affects the future though.

    OMG did not realise the time. I think I should go as well. See you xx
  2. I love Doctor Who (though the 10th doctor was the best), and I mainly watch Glee because everyone else does :P Something to talk about.

    Wow. She sounds.. annoying. Sure, I want to go to oxbridge but it's not the end of the world if I don't get in. I'm also tending towards Oxford too. I think doing Physics will be more appealing than the Natural Science Tripos (plus Oxford is further away from home).

    My friend's mum went to Cambridge, studying history, and she said that GCSEs basically don't matter, A levels matter a little bit, but it's the entrance tests that they really judge you on - it doesn't matter if you got a B GCSE as long as you know your stuff. That made sense to me :P

    It's cool. I'm quite new to TSR so I welcome messages!
  3. You always have hope.

    Physics-y good times to follow :L I watch Inbetweeners ish. I don't watch much TV. I only regularly watch Doctor Who and Glee

    Nope :P I tend to avoid online arguments now. I've learnt from experience that generally no one wins and it never ends. I enjoy debating in real life much more as it's a lot less petty and troll-free. What's it about?
  4. I would love to study at Oxford (Merton) and I'm definitely applying, but I'm not holding my breath. I know some who achieved 4 A*s at A level and was very clever, who still didn't get in.

    I was only recently told that there were 24/7 libraries by my friends :O Made my week - I will never leave :L
  5. Very science-orientation. We basically got the same :P Everyone is always on about how much work A levels are, I'm quite terrified and have no idea what to expect 0_0

    Definitely uni after sixth form! Aiming for a top ten university like Warwick or Durham. Study Physics to a higher level most likely. What about you?
  6. 8 A*s, 3 As, a distinction (equal to an A, but highest grade), and an A in the FSMQ. I was so nervous leading up to them so it was such a relief to have them. Aren't we smart

    Yes - it was just my teacher being air-headed. I'm going to do Physics, Chemistry, Maths, English Literature, and History. I got full marks on 2 exams for history, so I kinda have to do History (and I like it). I know 5 is a huge work load, but it's worth a shot and my teachers say I can always drop some. What are you doing?
  7. Same to you! How did it go?
  8. I got 7A*, 4A, 1B, 2C I'm quite happy with that reckon that's good enough for a top uni?
  9. Thanks I'm happy with my results
  10. Well done! :five:

    11A*s, 2As, A in FSMQ, A in AS Maths! I can now enjoy the remainder of my holidays at ease! :excited:

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