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  1. True but I've seen a couple of us. So you at Uni?
  2. Thanks for that enthusiastic message lol.

    You support Newcastle too I take it?
  3. ok lol. Do u have results tomorow if so good luck
  4. the last comment i was just joking, just let u knw if u were thinking something else
  5. lol true but there is something more amazing me and u :handkiss:
  6. of course u do :bananadance: check out my moves :cool: damn just imagine the dancing
  7. your eyes fluttering make u soo cute :love: would u like to dance :dancing:
  8. nah when u see a beautiful girl u gotta give her a compliment
  9. lol u do in a way but might i say a hotter version then her :handkiss:
  10. cool sounds good im excited too can't wait :party: im doing sports science at salford uni who is the girl in your pic?

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