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  1. DBSK :'( SS501 :'( Gosh, I still miss them

    Yes! Same here xD Absolutely love the choreo, it almost makes me want to learn it I'm a sucker for good choreo, honestly xD That's why I love Growl xD
  2. Haha, same here Except mine are Sehun, Kai, Lay and Chanyeol xD

    Ooh, pretty much everybody. Do you listen to BTS?
  3. Yep Favourite member?
  4. Oh more chem based :mmm:
  5. Oh are you doing biomed ? Yeah I guess it can be due to the weather haha! Well summer is up and coming so I'll let you know how they are
  6. Studying biomedical sciences! And hahaha I know exactly what you mean! London is alive and these places are so deadddd hardly anything to do lol! Yh its quite different here! No offense or anything but British people so depressed at times! Like everyone keeps to themselves lol, in canada people are very friendly and will speak to you even if they don't know you.
  7. Haha well I moved with my fam as we will be staying here for a bit then I'll go back! Uhmm I'm going to coventry University... It's meh.... Lol! But it's close to Birmingham oh london niceee how do you find it?
  8. Haha yeah revision sigh....
    yeah thats true !! For the whole uni actually!
  9. Good thanks, you ?
  10. Hi :cool:

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    Currently doing my second year of A-levels!

    Predicted grades - AAA

    Hopefully going to King's to study Pharmacy this September
    I have a lot of things I'm crazy about.

    Just to start off - I'm crazy in love with anything Far East Asian whether it's their food, fashion, culture, langauge ...anything and everything really!

    Japan, Korea, China etc

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