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  1. Hey, nothing much whats up w/ you? ....
    also what exam boards are you on ?
  2. Aww that's fab .... I am fine thank you IKR its been like months
    My results were great thank you(managed to get 3As), I've really improved in chemistry, biology was good too, Econ was good but I have become worse at it in terms of the percentage I got HBU ?

    Are you still thinking of applying to dentistry this year 2014 cycle ? xx
  3. Hey !! How've you been ? How's everything going ?
  4. did you get my quote
  5. ??????? come on
  6. got my pm
  7. sorry dont have unit 1 notes... have unit 4 and 5 though
  8. My teacher was saying the other day that it's not making it Lool pretty, it's making sure you learn it, my notes look sickening trust me but it's what u prefer
  9. I tend to read over the notes i've made afterwards
  10. I write notes out and i try and use revision notes.
    I've never tried typing though

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