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  1. sorry for the late reply.

    B maths (C3), B computing, C in mechanics (M1) and a D in physics :/

    was a couple of marks of an A for computing (3 ums away), (for maths i was 4 ums away)...

    as for mechanics well it was a solid C but i messed up the exam far too much im glad i did okay tho and physics well i revised the hardest for that and got a D so yeah life's fair
  2. I've just finished working with a UN agency in Thailand, but I've just got into medical school (long story-wanted to do it after working in Haiti).
    I loved the course, everyone knows each other and its very good for networking... The olympics security and planning was basically run by Cov uni grads haha.
    There is some maths, not many modules you cna choose though with it - there is some geology/earth science modules but you also have tobe prepared for a fair few social science things as well. I full reccommend the course, they are not big on A level requriements too... I don't know many people who actually got the entrance requriements, most of us got a lot less.
  3. Just a heads up - you've made 4999 posts! Make your 5000th count
  4. Hi,
    My degree was a Bsc Disaster Management form Coventry Uni.
  5. Hmm, we seem to be differing based on industry to be honest. I can't speak with close to 99% certainty for any industry other than banking (which we agree are snobby and focus on many top universities); if students are sure that they want to pursue this career, then an elite university such as the 6 targets is a must if they get an offer from one, as this provides a big advantage in terms of extra networking events etc and better reputation with the recruiters (not a golden ticket though).

    I study a degree which is very unrelated to banking, and the students who are doing the best in the field (getting jobs etc) are the ones who are doing best in their degrees (1sts basically) so I completely agree that in the majority of professions, a 1st from a russell group standard uni like Newcastle/Leeds etc would beat the name of LSE/Warwick. These students are getting jobs over the likes of Oxford, Cambridge Imperial etc, so I do agree that in the majority of industries/job roles, there is a lot more to it, than university name. I also agree that students should choose a university which they will enjoy their time at more, like the city, like the course etc.
  6. No problem; sorry for going off topic.

    Firstly, GS has around 30,000 employees, so of course they will hire from non-targets as well as the targets (which are Oxford, Cambridge, LSE, ICL, UCL and Warwick in the UK - there are some 30-50 European targets) - I met people from the likes of Leicester, Leeds Met, Bath, Birmingham etc as well as the target universities, so i'm not one of these people who says that 90% of bankers come from LSE and Oxford for example. I would say that about 70% of London bankers come from these 30-50 European targets, and the other 30% come from the other 1,000 universities in Europe or whatever - so you don't know a majority of a minority - there are loads of non-target students in banking, just a higher number from these 'targets'.

    So you're basically saying that the better students go to the better universities, and hence these better students will get in ahead of others. I wonder how you explain the differences in the number of graduates from UCL and Warwick getting in, vs the number from Durham and Bristol. Considering UCL and Warwick were making up about 5% each of the intern class, while Bristol and Durham tend to get about 5 or 6 times fewer graduates into intern classes. Durham and Bristol aren't really worse universities than Warwick or UCL, so how would you explain this difference?

    I agree with your suggestion of opportunities and taking them. LSE and taking zero of the opportunities offered, having a rubbish CV etc apart from LSE, is way worse than Manchester and a good CV.

    I feel that saying there is no difference on this forum is dangerous though. A level students will believe there is no difference when there is. Even if you don't believe that the name of a school helps you, the opportunities at LSE (banks visiting etc) are far superior to at non-targets like Newcastle, Leicester etc. Why not take the opportunity if you've managed to get an offer from Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial etc.
  7. feeling very nervous about the winter exams i had 6 exams and two went really bad :cry2: it was M1 and D2 it was my second time doing M1 but i screwed up the last question and the first one bad so iv lost soo much marks really scared with what grade im going to get for it :/ D2 was a complete fail going to resit that however i do have a reason for that i joined AS further maths class late (5 weeks) so i missed a lot and there was soo much to catch up on by myself with no teacher support so i was ****ed from the start really. Results day on the 7th :sad: physics went well but i don't want to guess what grade i got im nervous i may have done bad in that too lool.

    Lol you can still do it but you would have 3 exams in the summer. Luckily tho c1 and c2 are interlinked and most of it is GCSE knowledge with a little bit of new stuff. M1 on the other hand depending on your physics ability may be very hard to grasp for me i enjoyed it but im weak at motion graphs and constant acceleration questions they can be very tricky. As for Sussex i have already firmed them, it was for Mechanical Eng with foundation year but depending on results next week that may not be happening (meaning i shall change on results day to direct course but they said i should do this after the second results day in august and apply again through ucas but ill still have my place)

    Hahaha iv seen that video before its funny! Its a huge waste of milk tho...
  8. Pandabär
  9. Pandabär
    You are aware that your neg is worthless once you're on red gems?

    Mine, however....
  10. Dude your alive!!! :woo: haha I was wondering what the hell happened to you as we wer on the engineering journey I suppose u may have been travelling?

    Umm I ended up applying at Sussex,Swansea,Manchester,Bright on and UWE Bristol for mechanical engineering. All of them are with foundation year except Bristol one wich is direct entry. I got all offers except rejection from manchester but tbh i dnt really care i really liked my other choices better so no biggy . Sussex will be my first choice and I intend on not doing the foundation year and getting in for direct entry mech eng there already spoke to them about it and they said if I exceeded the offer for FY wich is CC I could get in first year depending on how well I did and also the spaces available.

    How have u been?

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