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  1. Opps sorry for the late reply! I didnt get any notification. I think essentially what they're looking for is someone who is: bright / intelligent, ambitious, knowledgable (to some degree) about the industry, but basically they want an all rounder.

    I wrote this before in one of the threads, although one of the posters disagreed with me. But I think the most important question is the "Greatest achievement" one - cause this question really tells them everything about you. If you have work experience that'll work in your favour, but it's quite hard to pin down exactly what they're looking for. I think some of my answers were weak and I probably got an interview based on my answer to the achievement question, and probably my grades / uni.

    To tell the truth though, I can't quite remember all the questions. If you've got any specific things you wanted to know that might be a bit easier for me to answer. Shoot away
  2. I got pooled and then got an offer, somehow! And aww man, unlucky :/ Where you planning on going now?
  3. Hi! As I see you also want to study architecture. Well, I'm about to accept offer from GSA for architecture. What about you?
  4. Hey Great to hear from you again!
    Um I'm still not 100% well, but not as bad as I was!
    Glad to hear that you've made a choice and found somewhere you really like
    Let me know what happens!! x
  5. Blehhh hope you did ok! Which module was it?
  6. :O Civil Engineering!!

    You have truly turned to the Dark Side, young padawan :sadnod:
  7. Haha how ironic

    What're you hoping to study then?
  8. Hey, good job on starting the 2012 Architecture thread way back when

    If you want, you can stick my name in the first post as someone to answer questions about studying architecture - so people can have someone easily accessible to go to!
  9. Yes. Thats the beauty of an Engineering degree-offers a much wider scope of opportunities.

    My gap year is going very busy. I actually have my own private tutoring service. I privately tutor for A-levels maths. And due to the upcoming January examinations, I have high demand ...good business and it helps me to support my family

    I was intending to try and get a work placement at an engineering firm like Arup, but i have been too busy tutoring.

    Thats similar to my options:

    Bath- Unconditional
    Loughborough- Unconditional
    City (London)

    I got A* A* A A for my A-levels. I havn't had an opportunity to look at any Physics work, but I spoke to some first year Civil Eng'rs at City, and they informed me, that the only topics that may be useful from A-level Physics are Hydraulics. So thats something im considering reading over before I start my course.

    Ill ask the admissions tutors when i attend the selection afternoon, if there are any other topics i may need to read over.

    What exams have you got in January? And how are preparations going?
  10. Heyy, many congratulations! Whats the offer?

    As u already know, ive completed my A-levels and im enjoying my gap year, but i studied:


    You may think why am i applying for civil and not economics or accounts at uni, lol.
    I initially had applied for economics, but i changed my mind, and thus had to resort to a gap year. I thought ahead, and a degree in economics will most probably and realistically lead my into the finance markets. And I am glad I changed my mind to civil engineering. I am sick and tired of these dirty, greedy fat cats ripping people off, I am not made out for such a career.

    Anyways, apologies for the rant :P

    Have you received any other offers? And what uni would you firm if you received all your offers.


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