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  1. My interests don't span that far. I like travelling and reading but I'm basically like any other couch potato (couldn't really say I love watching Jerry Springer!). Don't use the same old "I have been interested in blah blah since the age of blah blah" or any childhood anecdotes. And don't use the word "passion" - kinda cliche and implies sexual attraction to the subject (my tutor's words!).

    Good luck! What subject are you applying for?
  2. Hello! I structured it first para - interest in degree subject (I was really interested in British, American and Chinese politics, which is the main three countries that the dpt focusses on), look up the modules and try to weave in some related interest. 2nd para - how my school subjects interlinked and personal experiences with Politics (such as being the daughter of immigrants blah blah, travel experiences, visits to important places - play up anything different that would set you apart from other applicants). 3rd - external reading and how it contributed to my understanding of Politics (don't go for the conventional - I spoke about 1984 by Orwell). I didn't have enough to mention my work experience but I made sure my tutor mentioned my weeks of work. I finished off with a one sentence para, something punchy to leave the admissions tutors something to remember about your application. Contd onto another post - too many characters!
  3. Yeah, we're better off staying over here. It is really expensive, I'd prefer to do my diploma there and my degree elsewhere. Good luck with your application, I'm sure you'll do well.
  4. No, you've got a great combination there and you should have a very strong portfolio by the time you apply. As long as you think you can cope with the work and maintain the high grades, go for it. I peronally LOVE Physics, so much so I'm going to do a degree in it when I'm old and grey (settled down and comfortable financially), just for the knowledge and because I love it so. One was in architecture (even though it was very mixed) and the second is in art & design. Yes, Philosophy is an essay based A-level, that will come in handy.
    I would love to study in America but I can't afford it either. I will be applying to Cambridge, UCL, Sheffield, Bath and maybe Brookes?? And maybe the AA.
  5. Those are very good subjects! I'd drop 3-D design after AS and request the syllabus from your tutor and do the work you like at home to strengthen your portfolio further. I was going to do a fine art A-level but I already have 2 foundations courses and they're a higher qualification.
    Philosophy is an interest of mine and it is also a humanaties subject (so it is slightly relevant). Yes, work hard and you'll be o.k, which universities do you want to apply to?
  6. Well, I'm sure most mature applications will stand out, I hope its a good thing. I'll be taking Maths, Physics, Philosophy and Environmental studies. Yourself? Architecture is a course that demands high grades, so work hard. Grades aren't everything, but they're very important, you must meet the entry requirements of the school you're applying to.
  7. Firstly, I went to college, passed the first year, left the second (had major issues). Looked for work the year after, struggled to find a good job, applied to uni for a foundation course, thankfully got accepted, didn't like the uni, heard about the other big schools. Following year I began an access to science course, dropped out due to personal issues. Did it again the following year, doing another foundation as I had some personal issues in the first one but no longer have anymore. I'm going to be doing 4 AS levels next year and I'm going to apply, if it doesn't go to plan, I'll continue to A2 and reapply and where ever I get accepted, I'll go (but I'm sure I'll be a stronger applicant as I'll have full A-levels).... A long story cut short, even though its still a bit long.

    Yourself, are you going to be applying for the architecture undergraduate degree next Sept?
  8. My offers were:
    Nottingham AAA
    Birmingham AAB (A in hist)
    Newcastle AAB or ABB and B in EPQ
    Hull 320pts from 3 a levels, basically ABB

    I accepted Nottingham as firm
    I accepted Hull as insurance
    and declined the other two.
    (my fifth was Durham who rejected me)

    Yeah I went to look at Leeds cos it's meant to be a really great uni and it's in a really good position for where I live. It had a great course and nice dept but I didn't like where it was, slap-bang in the city, and not in a particularly nice bit. I also thought their accommodation needed updating.
  9. Yeah single study is just your standard room on your own. At Notts you share a bathroom with no more than five others which is quite good compared to other places. I know I liked Florence Boot too, and for the last couple of years you could choose but it was probably just getting to complicated.
  10. Well I applied for catered on University park and these were my preferences:
    1. Single Study
    2. Private Shared Bathroom ( this means sharing a bathroom with only one other person)
    3. Large Single Study
    You can't actually choose specific halls for catered, just a site and room type. I really hope I get single study really cos the others are more money and I'd be fine with single study. Put private shared bathroom above large single study cos if I'm gonna pay more i want it to be worth it and have a better bathroom situation rather than just a bit more floor space.
    I requested a sink in my room in the preferences box (not all single studies have them) cos of my eczema which i have to use creams for.
    Nah, I'm really excited, just hope I get put in a nice hall really...

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