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  1. Chill! Hows things
  2. Hey!
    Sorry I've not replied in a while, been a bit busy :P
    Glad most of your exams went ok I didn't even get round to those synapse questions you sent me! Left revision a little too late :P
    Thankyou for that good luck msg too btw Was planning on sending you one too but only remembered in the morning by which time I was panicking since I slept in too :P
    How did you find it?
    Hope your well
  3. haha, it was late at night ok, gimmi a break
    the worse thing is I have an A2 english lang resit on monday and my spelling is already down the drain!
    how have the rest of your exams gone so far then? I've only had that biol 1 resit
    I know what you mean about unit 5 though, I struggled with most of the genetic stuff .. so like half the unit :P don't have much home so may try cram-blag xD
    we can test each other when I've gone through my book if you like? .. i should really start doing that now actually..
  4. OH Btw thank you for the synapse questions - printing off now x
  5. Hey hun!
    Unit 1.. hmmm! I came out of it thinking - okay, I messed up that stupid cionide (spelling) question but the rest was easy xD
    Then I read someones mark scheme on here and had a break down :P
    Unit 5... yea Ive not actually started revising for it yet -.-
    I can't revise at all for these exams after the january ones (unit 4 and english) - never put so much effort it something in my life and didn't get any decent grades out of it so now I'm like.. bleugh, TV kthxbai :P
    Hope yours is going well!! x
  6. Im sure you will get a B, you seem to be hard working at least! Ive still not started any revision due to lack of motivation, and my first exam is unit 1 .. start of may right? eeeek!
    Ugh unlucky! I just have the 3 - english lang and biol 1 resit and of course biol 5 /diecontinuously.
  7. Yea, praying for a C now :P What are you aiming for?
    Ooh sweet! We can randomly quiz each other on it :P Once again, I'm miles behind in notes for unit 1 too :P Eugh!
  8. I guess so
    Oh congrats!!
    I really wanted a B overall for biology, but I'm looking at a D/C. Resitting unit 1 this summer too
    I know! crazy right
  9. Hey bud
    It was terrible - expected a B minimum and got a D!!
    Stupid grade boundaries. 2 From a C and 6 from a B...
    I even cried haha
    How about you? Good news I hope!
  10. Haha just noticed that quote from the thread about the guys top
    Hello to you too! Fancy seeing you around these parts

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