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  1. Hahaah to be honest I have no idea what you just said there, my Norwegian sucks I need to get back into learning it again and revive that thread, your welcome to contribute to it if you wish
  2. Thank you, friend
    Please don;t be offended if I don;t reply until tomorrow afternoon, I've just come in from a night out and I'm hardly in a fit state to start a conversation!

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    University of St Andrews
    probably straight... why does this even matter?
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    ...or don't.

    Jeg lærer norsk. Jeg er dårlig til det.
    Academic Info
    doing CS
    listening to, being elitist about and playing music (classical-as-in-not-the-period, trve kvlt frostbitten metal - or, alternatively, 'not poser metal', electronic, jazz, proper punk, surf, folk, video game music, space rock, deathrock, coldwave, psytrance, art rock, chiptune, soul, think that's it), being grumpy, long walks alone, reading, watching science fiction films/TV programmes, science fiction in general, oversleeping, arguing, adolescent philosophising, overanalysis, drawing, writing, video games, sequencing video game music, having perfect pitch, making sprites, things with lots of explosions, the usual
    Science fiction films/TV programmes I like
    Blakes 7, (Classic) Doctor Who, Star Trek (TOS and TNG; started watching Enterprise but am not very impressed so far), Star Wars (especially the Original Trilogy), Battlestar Galactica remake (need to get 'round to watching the original... I hear it's terrible), Red Dwarf, Quark, V (original miniseries), Soylent Green, Forbidden Planet, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Dark Star, the first half of Dune even though the rest of it's rubbish and a disgrace to the book, almost certainly other stuff I can't think of.

    Please recommend me any decent SF I've missed out (books and music inclusive). I'm going to try Babylon 5, Farscape and Lexx and have watched two episodes of Firefly at St Andrews' science fiction society, but apart from that don't really know of much else to look out for.

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