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  1. Servus! Bist du mit dem msc fertig?
  2. Edited
  3. Indeed.

    I find it very peaceful
  4. Your avatar pic is

  5. Hey Hi!

    Hope you are good! Had a question to ask you, can't seem to find the answer anywhere tbh. When do you guys graduate? Is it in january?

  6. Thank you, glad someone recognised it!
  7. Hey! Thanks a lot... That helped me really a lot! I was really struggling with it all now seems clearer

    Just a last question to bother you with, when did you apply?
  8. Hi!

    I was looking for around for some information about the Warwick Msc Marketing and Strategy course. Seems you had got an offer for that course!

    Could you please take out a few minutes to answer the following questions I had? That would be really appreciated!

    Really struggling with the PS. What should be in it? Should it be only a brief description of myself, my strengths, why I want to enrol for the course etc? Or as someone else mentioned should I also include academic interests etc?

    How many unis do you think I should apply too? (I have a very strong academic background) and when should I apply?

    Geez, the questions do seem silly at first glance but i really need someone to guide me with it!

  9. Man, und dafuer bezahlste das ganze Geld... Die Shoutbox ist doch (meistens) das Beste an der sub :mmm: Naja, muss wohl jeder fuer sich selbst entscheiden
  10. You gave me rep aber ich hab dich in der shoutbox noch nie gesehen Thanksies :ninja:

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