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  1. Hello there
  2. got my pm
  3. Is the guy in your sig the muscly dude who died?
  4. hi got my pm
  5. got my pm :rolleyes:
  6. Hi got my pm
  7. I'm no dreamer. I don't see how pessimism got anywhere though.
  8. a Stateless function can only operate under the cooperation of the people. This is wholly reliant on what is known as the communes. I suggest you do some research into the concept of this.
  9. I take human rights and equality very seriously, but I am not an extreme left winger by any means. Most devoted Marxists annoy the Hell out of me, although I do admire their intentions.
  10. I genuinely don't understand how you can agree with that view. Just to clarify you agreed with a post by someone called 'im so academic' with a heart around the cambridge logo as their picture, who said 'daring to turn down an Oxbridge offer... is disrespectful'. In the real world, people respect Oxbridge, not hero worship it. oh and lol 'im so academic' is an AS student, so probably has a skewed view of Oxbridge

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