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  1. MashAllah,

    I have been reading some of your comments brother yoyo.

    Reminds me of someone I know. I'm glad someone is actually making an attempt to direct the PakSoc towards Islam.
  2. Hi, I can see below that Immi has already answered your questions. I have very little to add to her answers.

    What I do want to know is why you are asking these questions? To me it sounds as though you are trying to choose between Birmingham and Cardiff based on how easy the exams are? Let me make this clear: you are going to study medicine. The exams are VERY hard, EVERYWHERE. Please choose your university based on how you feel the course and city will suit you, not the ease of passing exams.

    The library is not open 24 hours a day. It is normally between 7am and 9pm, but why you would want to be there outside these hours (even during exams) is beyond me. The main university library has longer opening hours.
  3. I'm not entirely sure about numbers or percentages but very few people fail the year completely (only about 1 or 2 out of 350) quite a few more might have to retake one or two modules, but not fail in the end.
    Unfortunately I can't say how hard the exams are as I haven't sat them yet! Though I know people in older years who all did well and said they're fine as long as you work hard etc.
    January exams are multiple choice and anatomy, may exams are short answer questions (a bit like a level biology format)
    I don't think exams are too high pressured as they want to give you time to think
    January exams are more testing factual recall whereas the may short answer questions are testing your application of knowledge.

    Hope this helps

  4. I got the e-mail from UCAS at 16:15
  5. thanks for the previous's kinda hard when you have about 5 people against you but I'm trying ahaha
  6. hi
  7. yoyo1994

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