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  1. Hey Charlottelea.

    Congrats on your offer from your UCL!!
    I am currently doing the task i have to hand it in on the 31st.
    but because i dont live in the Uk i still dont have a lot of time.

    Would you mind if i sent you some of my stuff to get your opinion?
    . . .
  2. I've almost done my task and I was wondering if you would like to have a look at it. If yes, just let me know your skype, yahoo messenger id etc.
  3. congrats on your UCL offer! what did you included in your portfolio and which pieces do you think were essential for your UCL interview?
  4. I just want to get in but that won't happen without a lot of hard work!!!
  5. O.k... thanks!!! Hope to see you in 18 months time!!!!! I'll keep in touch.
  6. Could you elaborate please as I'm confused :confused:
  7. charlottelea
    The bit on the left mainly. That says the exact answer you should be putting, the bit on the right says what you can also write to get the marks, but it's not technically 100% correct.
  8. Yes, thats what the guy said...

    So, on this mark scheme, if we take question one for example, everything on the right hand side and the final answer on the left, for the full marks?
  9. I have the mark schemes, is that all the info I need to get 100%?
  10. What else, where else could i look to get this info?

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