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  1. oh, what do you mean systems not working? at your end? or the website? anyhow, well done man! See you there still in US? my STEP results came out at midnight so i knew like a minute after haha
  2. yo hows it all going?
  3. Yeah, soon, howd you find step1
  4. oh crap, didnt see your message on my wall :/ cool, have fun there no not yet, have you?
  5. yeah not bad, you? going on that america thing soon arent ya? its alright i guess, theres some papers that are ok but other are just impossible, i swear. lol you revision? not bad?
  6. yoooo, hey, haven't been on this student room for a while, well maybe i have but couldn't be bothered to reset my password and log in and stuff im that chinese guy from them warwick maths day thingys hiii
  7. Yeah, honestly mate, STEP and AEA won't help you at all in MORSE or Maths, maybe slightly... But if i spend so much time doing STEP and AEA, you would be better off doing some preparation for analysis and foundation. Trust me, they are well hard...

    MORSE is actually like the most depressing degree, no joke! You can actually ended up studying all day and still don't understand a thing. Well, you just have to balance it with other societies..

    Cool, would be great to share some advices with you. Anyway, you got me on facebook, so pm me around that week, Would love to have a coffee with you, and I shall share all of my experiences to you!

    Good luck and really do enjoy your gap year, fun is over when you come here in your 1st year,
  8. Hey I'm sorry about this, but I saw that you've had an offer from Bristol. If you don't mind me asking, what are your predicted grades and where else have you applied? Thanks
  9. Well, in this week, I have about 4 assignments that needed to be handed in.. This degree is like one of the hardest one you can ever get in here. We have about 20 hours of contact hour time and on top of endless amount of work that we need to do. Maths in uni is so different. I mean you don't even use numbers anymore, and they emphasise a lot on proofs as well as mathematical reasoning. One bit of advices, before you come to Warwick at September, go and read some books like Analysis or Foundation. They are really tough and it's always good to prepare beforehand... so you can get a head start basically,
    I'm sure you'll be able to get in easily. We can always meet up for a lunch or something whilst you are there at some point, Anyway, sure if you have any problems in your first year, I'll be more than happy to help,
    Take care
  10. Mr M
    Sorry statistics isn't my thing. I would rather poke my own eyes out with a pointed stick.

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