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  1. You really do a good job of praising Ireland, perhaps a job with the Irish Tourism Board is the career for you! Irish Beer? You mean Guiness? Gross! Heineken forever! How do you private message on this site?
  2. Goodness, this site seems very complicated! Although, in my defense, i have literally just joined....
  3. Sorry...why do you need them?
    And veganism can be perfectly healthy for children, as can meat eating.
    And both can also be unhealthy.
  4. Nothing. Why?
  5. "Be brave. Speak German but don't mention the war. "

    LOL :rofl:

  6. Wise words :yy:
  7. Aw don't be sad. I know it was just a joke.

    I love the pics :hugs:
  8. hannah_dru
    Ich weiss! Ich wollte frueher auch nichts bezahlen und will, dass keiner die Chance hat, meine Ideen oder sogar meine Essays zu stehlen.

    Eine Karte waere super, danke Moechtest du auch eine haben?
  9. hannah_dru
    Man muss subscriber werden, also dafuer bezahlen oder Essays hochladen, sodass man Riches bekommt.

    Toll, gratuliere
  10. Don't be offended, it's just the way i speeak lol! i've very extrovert and loud!
    And say things very upfront.

    A lot of people can't handle the personality i have, well my area people can but not middle class people.

    why do i need to show people who i am?not getting married to them am i?

    You sure about that :hubba: lol

    best wishes from england! England!

    im far from keybord warrior! i feel alot of people on tsr are though. this is how im in reall trust x

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  • About Cynthi007

    Where I study
    University of Duisburg-Essen
    Student, Co-teacher
    Star Sign
    About me
    I am Cynthia and do not lead and exciting life.

    I live alone and close to university.

    I love the English language and culture.
    I have been to Hastings and it was amazing there. Will never forget it.

    I do not work at the moment because I do an internship at a school and teach a class 11 there.
    Academic Info
    I started my studies in 2007.

    Subjects: English, History, French, Latin

    Languages: German (native speaker), English (fluently), French (good level to communicate and understand but not fluently), Spanish (same as French)

    So, feel free to contact me in any language you prefer. I am flexible and happy to get messages.
    In my freetime I enjoy reading or watching movies in English or French.

    I love the English language and culture.
    I have been to Hastings and it was amazing there. Will never forget it.

    Same goes for French but unfortunately I have never been there.

    I like cuddling my dog and cooking. (not the dog!)

    Working with children makes me happy.

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