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  1. uni's*
  2. Hey, that is awesome, well done.

    Do not worry about Oxford, most people do not get in regardless of how amazing their grades are.

    All the rest of the unit are great. However, Leicester and Manchester stand out. I would go for one or the other. My sister truly enjoyed her time at Leicester.

    Good luck, hope you get a mini pupilage and remember your first year does count. I repeat your first year of uni does count, especially if you want to get work experience/training contracts and so forth.

  3. Hey, who am I to judge or anyone else if you are applying to Oxford? I hope you get in.

    Remain optimistic and be positive at all times, you never know what may happen.

    (Perhaps you may already know) But, my advice would be if you did get all your offers. Of course go to Oxford. I think the next two would be Manchester and Leicester. My sister studied law at Leicester and she really enjoyed it there (awesome law school too).

    Keep reading. (Geek)

    Keep me posted on replays from Uni's and interviews (you will hopefully get one from Oxford).
  4. I was a perspective law student before and went through the whole process. At the last minute after getting into Kings college london (for law), Soas (law and law and arabic) and Queen mary (politics). I decided to go into the finance world instead and am now currently at Cass Business School, city university london.

    Bare in mind you do not have to study law at university to have a career in the law.

    I still have a huge interest in law however.

    Keep me posted on how the process is going.

    Feel free to ask anymore questions.
  5. In regard to what you should say when inquiring about them accepting you. Simply, phone the relevant department at the university. Remain relaxed, confident, nice and tell them of your position currently and your situation and ask them your questions (have them written down in front of you if this makes it easier).

    You can do this you will be fine, just get the grades.

    If you have anymore questions feel free to ask. I will aim to reply within 48 hours.
  6. I do not think uni places for 2012/2013 will be anywhere near as competitive as the years jus gone, due to the fees changing. Therefore you stand a better chance of getting into a good university this year, as the fee increase deadline has now passed. However, with the economy in turmoil many people will still want to go to university, hence there is not as much competition as last years but there is still quite a bit. Which brings to answer your next question.

    Applying to UCL and Oxford? I am quite sure both universities do mind re-sits but as mentioned before (it makes quite a big difference) will not frown upon it as much if you had 'extenuating circumstances'(tell your tutor to write in your ref. that you had extenuating circumstances, ensuring of course that you have one). In contrast, I would not apply to Oxford s competition for Oxford is always high no matter the year. Although you should apply to UCL for sure.
  7. I am sorry for not replying earlier, I hope this message is still of value to you somewhat. I did not see your message before.

    SOAS is a top 20 uni and are currently number 7 for Law in the country, I believe. The reason why you should apply to them is because they have been very forgiving to students who do re-sits as long as you can demonstrate that you had extenuating circumstances or you have done something really good in your gap year (tell them in your personal statement that this year you are for example raising £500 for charity and doing a sponsored sky dive/marathon or even going abroad to do charity is even better. You have to stand out by dong something valuable in this gap year.

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