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  1. ahaha Gyarados is a don. Well I've got all the albums but not my fave band, still perfect now that summers coming up! What year are you in?
  2. Loving the avatar - big Gorillaz fan?
  3. very naice new video btw :awesome: its a shame the whole blogging thing is kinda failing. I don't think anyone is bothered about watching them/commenting, this time which is a bit disappointing :nn: I hope they don't cancel it all, I am saving my amazon vouchers up for a playstation now haha.
    sorry I didn't reply to your comment before, I am super slow on here haha!
  4. 2nd part (stupid 1000 character limit) - am dreading the 10th of March results day now!!! I am going to some remote cottage in the middle of no-where for some of my half term, with my mental parents and my sister and her boyfriend. I am definitely the third wheel haha. and then I am working a few days as well, and someone is having a party.
    ooh where abouts up north are you from?
    yeah it is a pretty decent place to be honest, a little too small for my liking though, hence why I've applied for Manchester and Birmingham, nice big cities!
  5. sorry message is too long - aww bless, I love labradors, they are so bluddy greedy though, they'll do anything for food
    you got £200 quid? wutt!? I bought a few dvds - without a paddle and shawshank redemption. seen them both a million times but I wanted them to own!
    lol I never had the january blues, two of my friends turned 18 over exams so I had two parties during the exam period. not good. if I fail, I am blaming them haha ooh OCR biology was harsh, I did the unit 2 resit to get my grade up (which sucked) and unit 4 wasn't much better, there was so little on photosynthesis and respiration. I was so peed off I spent all that time revising it, and then there was like 10 marks on them. aha I wouldn't come to me for homework help, I get everything wrong :ashamed2:
  6. haha, well my parents burst into my room on one of my attempts, was not impressed can't wait till I go to university and finally get some privacy.
    my dog was in the background, looking slightly dead, I had to warn the guy judging it that he was in-fact alive, and I was actually stashing deceased animals in my room aha.
    have you spent your lovely amazon voucher yet?
    ahh cool, I do biology as well (what I am applying for university for), chemistry (argh, the bane of my life) and history whooo half-term, can't wait! you got much planned?
    mhm it's not too bad, I go up to London a fair amount and its only like 20-40 mins depending on whether it is a fast or slow train, and with a railcard about a tenner. are you planning on commuting everyday?
    Reading in itself isn't a too bad-a-place, I've been onto the uni campus a few times for the library and sports facilities and it seems pretty nice. also there is a greggs right opposite entrance, nom :sogood:
    what have you applied for?
  7. aww thanks, nah yours was far more original and nice posters on your walls, good music :yy: all I did was sit in front of the camera and prattle on for two minutes about a subject I am not too well informed on. when they sent the email saying the next video was gonna be on student fees I was like 'nooooo' :zomg:
    thanks but most of the discussion is from people having their own little mini conversations (aka Addzter and failingatm ) on the thread lol, or users commenting that I am 'ditzy', which I suppose is fair cause I'm a little scatterbrained haha.
    mmhm, the forum is a little quiet at the moment but it seems to be reasonably successful. I think they did a few too many videos though, 15 is a quite a lot for people to sit and watch all in one go :K:
    so what a-levels are you studying?
  8. hello fellow blogger
    just posting to say great video, very creative and nice one on getting your cat in on the action haha. my dog wasn't co-operating so it just looks like I have a pair of black legs sticking out of me lol
  9. Thank you

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