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  1. Good. Now do some work.
  2. :five: you're an overlord
  3. Yay! I always love seeing you on my wall dipz :hugs: I'm okay, although I couldn't get to sleep again so I've just been on TSR all night :sadnod: How's about you?
  4. and yes, you bladdy laved it
  5. Green is not a good colour on you :teehee: HEFALUMP JUICE :ahee:

  6. dipless
    Haha I got TSR raped by JB Love it
  7. dipless
    I love Jellybean91 she is amazing
  8. You still up for that convo then dippy? :sexface: Halz can join in if she wants, I don't mind :grouphugs: but I just really need to get ahead of G8D :awesome:
  9. oh the hypocracy
  10. The Lampmeister is damn memorable. :smug: If your gf likes climbing then that'd be a double win! Painted them a lovely mint green and dipped them in glitter.

    The South Coast looks beautiful, Considered Cornwall etc for the cliff faces and of course the sea. I hope to travel across the UK next year so I can get trains to interviews if I get lucky. London is great, every week can bring new surprises if you know where to look. I don't drive yet but I will so I'll def take note of that, thanks!

    Oh I have mastered the art of sucking it in.... Made 4 diff cupcake varieties last wkend for my sis's 18th and still have loads to plough through! *sucks stomach in again*

    I was rubbish at Pool but after a few years Uni practice I'm okay. I'm actually better after a few drinks as I get more confident. I've gigged loads, more of a metal/rock fan so Disturbed/System/Slipknot/Killers etc, also like my drum & bass/reggae/dubstep- expensive hobby!Fav bands of yours?

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    About me
    (Original post by Jellybean91)
    A rebel with gerbils? I think it works! Pretty good one if you ask me
    (Original post by Potiron)
    Banned because you're gonna be even older
    - standard TSR mentality against me

    (Original post by Potiron)
    Awake since 10? That's not so very long.
    Perhaps if you go on TC I will sing you a song.
    I'm very bored, see,
    And I've just had my tea

    I'm sure you noticed that one didn't rhyme
    But frankly, I don't really have the time.
    I'm lazy, it's sad
    But it can't all be bad
    Because it means I'll never fall off a cliff on a climb.

    Unlike Dipless, who climbs up high rocks
    With ropes and in boots with thick socks
    He is so energetic
    I feel almost pathetic
    But I'm sure he must take many knocks.

    Dipless has a thing for a Jellybean
    To say it so bluntly feels quite mean :teehee:
    They flirt and they flutter
    Their eyes at each other
    So they seem to not mind being seen!

    I jest. Obviously. And I probably won't sing on TC either.

    For I am an insincere flipflopper
    I lie and I simply can't stop-er
    I'm a dissembler and crook
    But I should hide in a ...nook?
    Because in past times I'd be headed straight for the chopper!

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