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  1. how can i join?
  2. Will do broski, no big ting.

    BNP 4 lyf
  3. Hey Dave, any duties/jobs that I have for TSR BNP at the moment?

    Please update me, thank you.

    Thought you should watch this video before you go about glorifying the BNP.
  5. The way the media portrays the BNP is OTT, whilst in some areas, the views may be perceived as racist, where I live, we actually had a BNP Councillor because the manifesto actually appeals here. I'm saying that over here, it is not racist, here, the BNP has a valid point... still wouldn't like them in power though :P I think they'd go overly Christian. The main problem is that communities clump together, and move en masse, eradicating jobs, each race here should spread out.
  6. Well you support the BNP and you're putting in front of people's eyes "Join the TSR BNP party". Tell me what reasons you have for supporting the BNP?, other than for being racist, I don't want some links, videos copy and paste stuff either, I want you tell me why the BNP appeals to you, which policies are you strongly in favour of? and Be concise no bull****
  7. Why are you racist?
  8. Dave, you haven't replied to any of my requests.

    I wish to join the BNP!!!
  9. Don't need any. You support the BNP - therefore you are a racist.

  10. Racist toss pots

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