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  1. Oh dear. You have released a monster by mentioning poetry :P
    YEATS oh my God, I am truly addicted, I worship the man... T.S. Eliot (which incidentally is an anagram of toilets), Sylvia Plath, Tennyson, Keats, Shelley, Beckett (though probably only because I like his plays, his early poetry is almost trying too hard to be James Joyce - incidentally, have you read his prose poems? In French or English, he wrote in both but preferred French) - I love most good poets/poetry, but Wordsworth really irritates me. Oh I really like Blake .

    And you?
  2. Which are they exactly? They look absolutely beautiful, I am jealous, all of my books are second hand rags - but I love them, of course.
  3. Those books in thine signature seemeth verily delicious...
  4. A play? Awesome. You'll have to let me have a read sometime. I promise I'm not the stealing ideas type.
  5. Fantasy, mostly, historical fiction as well. Currently trying to write a script, may or may not try and send it to the Doctor Who lot. :lol: My mum's constantly ordering books, we don't have enough bookcases though so we're constantly getting rid of them. It's so irritating. I think Law would be really interesting. Hard work though, lots of writing and stuff I believe, but interesting. You're probably best off doing something like that so you're not disappointed doing a degree in something like History and end up losing your passion for it. That would be terrible.
  6. Not bad. Cramming for my maths exam but good. And yourself?
  7. Heya! Nice to meet someone like me for a change. Just thought I'd say hi. Do you have any particular degrees you're leaning towards or are you just going to go for anything that looks interesting?
  8. I don't really know if I'm honest!

    I use to be so simple minded, but then it all changed and I found girls that were exotic and from mysterious places a hell of a lot more attractive. Like I don't know what it is, but I find caramel complexion so hawt!

    Hbu? Any other origins that take your fancy?
  9. Hola my fellow foreign girl lover!

    That sounded lame.

    Anyway, it's all good round here! How's it with you?
  10. Hi! (:

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