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  1. Hi, saw your posts and I think you'd be interested in this forum.

    It's for creative discussion and is somewhere to showcase your work or to get ideas and help.

    Check it out!
  2. Hi, I think you wrote to the wrong person. I'll grant there are things that can be improved in my uni situation, but I've never questioned quitting (especially as it's my third year and I'm nearly free) and I live with my two best friends and someone new who turns out to be great. I'm sorry you're having a hard time, and feel free to talk to me if you want, I'm just slightly baffled as to why I got your wallpost.
  3. rosiemaphone
    I wasn't bullied, I was just treated like I was subhuman basically, like the fellow students had to get rewarded with merits and suchlike by teachers if they were going to let me into their group in classes, and they used to dare each other to sit next to me and stuff. Oh and they were always bitching. And no-one talked to me. I left in year 9 so it was pretty immature at the time.
  4. Hey I read on a thread that you had an awful time at school because of mean girls. Can I ask what kind of things happened to you there? Just cause I'm in Year 13 and I have been bullied by some girls pretty badly and I guess I wanna hear someone else's experience so I know I'm not alone.

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    I'm Rosie. Ummm... everything about me is a matter of opinion. I like to think of myself as cheerful, friendly, kind and reasonably intelligent. I have social anxiety but it can usually be relieved by making a fool of myself in public! People say I'm a contradiction of personalities. I'm a little bit crazy. Other people tell me consistently that a) I'm unique and b) I always make people smile. I don't know if it's true, but if it is, it's an excellent quality to have.
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    Attended an all girls grammar school for two soul-destroying years. Soul fully destroyed, I ended up at The New School at West Heath, which I attended for five years. It is a boarding school, designed for people who could not cope in mainstream. This was as much a home as a school to me, and apparently, I gave to the school at least as much as I took. Much happier than I ever believed I could be, and doing well academically, I have been accepted by Lancaster University, and start in October. It looks like the perfect university for me.
    Creative Writing, literature, reading, walking, being outdoors, theatre, generally messing around, Going to the gym, Big Country (the band), Philosophy, Debate.

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