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  1. When's ideas for life back ?
  2. Ok it will be different haha.

    Yeah after what happened earlier lmao I had better not risk it.
  3. my delorean machine has ran out of plutonium.

    Aw ffs, I even said in my thread that I was going to write that :/

    Using all self-control to refrain from making rude remark to said user...

    I'll post a similar but pose a different question.
  4. He stole my damn idea, is it okay if I post a similar thread tomorrow.

    Want to check if I wont get carded for doing so and it will be dissimilar to that.

    Im so pissed off ffs.
  5. Its common knowledge, my friend :yep:

    Aha hf, I should really hit the books anyhow.
  6. Np man

    I think certain mods dont like me :teehee: Will see how it goes..

    Have a good day DM!
  7. I apologise if I didn't make that clear, my favourite mod..

    Section Moderator. I know I would be a good fit to the TSR mod community. I promise to aspire, perspire and inspire fellow mods and students :yep:
  8. Yes DM?
  9. I've thought about it DM, can you make me a SM instead plz
  10. Oh ok, whatever makes you happy akhi

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    George Agdgdgwngo
    Where I study
    CEO of your bank
    Star Sign
    Don't believe in it
    About me
    My name is George.Could I have your bank account details? It is totally innocent
    Academic Info
    International university of fraud @ University of Uganda
    Seminar, and teaching from
    Calling good willed people up, and letting them know that they have won many millions of Ugandan dollars

    Advising people on how to clear out their bank accounts, as a result of a pigeon infestation

    Educating people on how their money needs to be pressed and steamed, before being released
    Goooood evening madaaam
    Ultimately, I am an innocent man providing services to good willed people, where many people have gotten millions of Ugandan dollars

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