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  1. Hey, just msg you?
  2. Hero
  3. Hii! That Person Hot Girl, is pretending to be me. I'm really scared right now.
    Please delete the thread and ban. PLEASE
  4. Hiyaa
  5. Dumachi
    1 week ago
    True but you are nce buy to speak to. D
  6. Dumachi
    1 week ago
    Cheers for the meet mate was m fun
  7. Padwas
    1 week ago
    please delete my tsr account
  8. Yeah that's true, I'm very much debating whether I should remove my money from the ISA, mainly because my 123 current account with Santander would give be a better rate!

    I'm not entirely keen on the whole direct debits though, mainly because I don't have any yet.

    Wow, you must be saving and making so much profit from all these accounts!

    Thanks for the link, I'll have a look at them now
  9. Really?? Oh wow, that's pretty poor!

    And that's true, I might actually try and open an account with either one of those banks to try and take advantage of the fantastic interest rates!

    Wow that's a lot of accounts! I only really have 2 accounts right now, well 3 if you include my ISA.

    That all makes sense now and thanks, I'll have to use that site a lot more now

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    George Agdgdgwngo
    Where I study
    CEO of your bank
    Star Sign
    Don't believe in it
    About me
    My name is George.Could I have your bank account details? It is totally innocent
    Academic Info
    International university of fraud @ University of Uganda
    Seminar, and teaching from
    Calling good willed people up, and letting them know that they have won many millions of Ugandan dollars

    Advising people on how to clear out their bank accounts, as a result of a pigeon infestation

    Educating people on how their money needs to be pressed and steamed, before being released
    Goooood evening madaaam
    Ultimately, I am an innocent man providing services to good willed people, where many people have gotten millions of Ugandan dollars

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