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Goood evening madam

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  1. hey
  2. Hahahaha nothing but the truth! sadly he just got banned :rofl:
  3. Btw, I wasn't rushing you.

    Will read your reply now. I've decided to apply to Aldi. Great pay but the reviews online describe terrible working conditions
  4. Hey
  5. Ah alright. I'll be studying. I'm quite grateful for the extra day so I do some extra shopping of my own.

    I may do some amazon shopping of my own. I certainly want to get a few articles of clothing tomorrow so I can wear something different on my first day back.

    Why the late telecom fascination? How many calls do you make? Do you have an aim of some sort?
  6. Got Easter plans yet?
  7. Here's a random VM.
  8. Hello,
    I wanted to know, if Kutta is perma-banned? :sad:
  9. Glad you got the landline sorted.
  10. Ghost? Vampire? The undead.....Werecat/wolf/-----
    Can be anything.

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    George Agdgdgwngo
    Where I study
    CEO of your bank
    Star Sign
    Don't believe in it
    About me
    My name is George.Could I have your bank account details? It is totally innocent
    Academic Info
    International university of fraud @ University of Uganda
    Seminar, and teaching from
    Calling good willed people up, and letting them know that they have won many millions of Ugandan dollars

    Advising people on how to clear out their bank accounts, as a result of a pigeon infestation

    Educating people on how their money needs to be pressed and steamed, before being released
    Goooood evening madaaam
    Ultimately, I am an innocent man providing services to good willed people, where many people have gotten millions of Ugandan dollars

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