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  1. xD. Ever so productive. I'm just home from the gym. Considering making a new TSR account.

    I probably won't though as the cons outweigh the pros.
  2. You're on the ball tonight

  3. Hmm, well if we're going to control the parrot using some kind of neurotechnology (it's already out there) then I reckon we can do something similar with the hamster. Basically, a psychic connection between hamster and parrot :awesome:
  4. Basically the parrot will be the drone :awesome: At the moment its reign of terror only extends over two rooms in one house, so I'm sure that it will be very happy with having the streets to terrorise.

    Joystick was what I would imagine, though that may have to be altered based on hamster perceptions and usability of the user interface.
  5. Hey

    What does 'closed pending further review' mean?
  6. Come to think of it, you can have the parrot. I might even pay you to take it off my hands. It's very good at attacking people and chewing things it shouldn't, but useless at talking. Though it is very economic because it's quite small for a parrot.

    The parrot doesn't have much by way of brains, just an aggressive beak and claws. I think your hamster will have more intelligence. So, my plan is to make the parrot remote controlled (neuroscience ftw) and have the hamster man the controls. Then the parrot will be able to make more effective use of the "bite and twist" move by always opting for bare skin where she can get a good beakfull - she's a bit hit and miss at the moment.
  7. I am not only a purveyor of hedgehog assassins. I can also supply a killer parrot. The hedgehog does the masterplans and ground attacks, and the parrot performs airborne attacks. Together, they are UNSTOPPABLE.

    I'll send you a rate card for my services
  8. It's a hedgehog with plans :ninja:
  9. Thanks for the rep finding the Richard Dawkins threads beyond annoying >.>

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