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  1. Ah that's good then, no meat counters! I do enjoy it but I think I'm gonna leave after Xmas because I work so far away from where I live and I only do 12 hours a week, so most of my money goes on travel with no much to spare! Yeah, Sundays is 1.5x pay. Good luck, hope you enjoy it.
  2. Whilst the bread is in the oven, you usually do other things, like face up, etc., so it's not too boring. The breads you have to put in for a few minutes just to warm them up, you have to weigh afterwards and write that down, but you'll get shown that. I also like being out on the shop floor rather than just behind the counter (like with deli) because you get customers asking you where things are, so you get to go for walks around the store! If you're trained on deli too, you might have to help out on there if it gets busy, because usually patisserie is quiet. But if you're contract is on patisserie only, you'll probably only be trained on there. Working on the counters is definitely better than checkouts, I did checkout training on my first day and I didn't like being sat in one place for hours! I get paid £6.82 but I think that's because I'm in central London. I'm part time, wish I wasn't, I need more money! Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask!
  3. Well, the meat and fish counter is smelly and cutting the meat is kinda hard (especially for me, because I'm vegetarian)! Some customers get a bit funny if you don't cut it thin/thick enough! There's also a lot of washing up/packing up fish to do. Deli is okay but there is SO much washing up to do and it's usually the busiest counter. On patisserie there is hardly any washing up and you don't get too many customers, which allows you to do other things (reducing items/facing up, etc.).

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