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  1. err I hope you enjoy reading that :O
  2. But yeah, it was an amazing experience which I can't really put into words. It just seems like I've done a simple thing but I'm sure I've learnt loads from it, and its taken me out of m small mind and made me realise that the views I held before weren't entirely true or I just really didn't know enough about this. Also, I have so much respect for those people who make all those gadgets & I see how our entertainment products entertainment can make those peoples lives SO much easier. It is SO great and SO cool!

    Also made me think about how blind people aren't as judgemental and prejudiced, as normal people, which was a nice thought lol and tbvh I didn't feel extremely sorry for my client as she seemed to lead a good life, obviously not being able to see is really horrible but still...although others were worse off than her & I did feel really sorry for them
  3. The last 2 msgs are copied and pasted, so I dunno if they make complete sense to you, lol. I'm scared of dogs - that might help you understand the dog bit.
  4. The actual exhibition was for ICT products to help the blind, e.g stuff to connect to ipads, iphones, computers etc etc, walking sticks with hazard sensors! And loads of other really cool stuff!! My client was proper into her technology, she knew everything about them lol but if you think about it they make their loves so much easier so its really good for them to have these products, but they're so expensive!!
    Most of the dogs were alright but some were just too touchy, feely, yuck! My client had a friend who had a dog and it just loved to wag its tail on you and just go right up to you and shake itself - even my client didn't like that dog! Others were just scary, mostly the black ones!
    Dunno if you wanted to read all that, but essay over!
  5. Amazing.
    At first I couldn't really find anyone to help and me and my friends were just amazed at how one of the girls just went up to a person and started guiding them cuz we felt kinda scared and nervous, but then we waited around for a bit and I found someone too.
    This old lady came from Scotland for the 3 day exhibition and she came every year. She knew like atleast 1 person to every stall we went to lol and she loved talking hehe. But she was so lovely and ...normal. I didn't really expect anything different but jsut seeing her and talking to her really made me think about how amazing these people are!
  6. lol indeed
  7. Dude, like where's my reply?!

    Anyway had my training today, and I was just thinking about how I'm kinda scared about tomorrow, it's gonna be difficult and sad!
  8. Thank you very much! From the little I've looked into it, it sounds very competitive and a long journey so im gna need all the 'luck' I can get!

    Yep, I've heard how degree level psych is very different to Alevel and thats whats making it more appealing to me as I really do enjoy my sciences although I didnt think I could handle them so didn't take them (inshaAllah ill be ok with this, esp if I get the required grades, right?!) I also had a masterclass (lecture thing at uni) on psychology & cognitive neuroscience, a couple of months ago and loved it so im sure I will like it.

    Lol Freud has some weird diagnosis'! But I heard he is barely touched on at degree level.

    Yep I'm looking forward to it, I'll let you know how it goes!
  9. OMG I want your life! Well all the rain might be a little depressing, but it's pretty and you got to travel to other countries

    I want to be a neuropsychologists, inshaAllah (sorry I feel like im gna curse myself if i dont say it lol)
    Are you one of those people who think psychology is a pseudo-science?

    I haven't done the work expericence yet, im starting tomorrow, volunteering to help an event a blind school is holding over 3 days. Gotta be trained first though as we will be helping the blind - kinda scary!
  10. Intestine freeze, lol never knew that was possible

    Aah you fell into the Troll's trap

    Hmm, haven't done anything different in the last few days, oh, apart from finally figuring out what career path I want to take . I got holidays on friday though but I've got work experience this week, then I'm officially free!

    What have you been upto?

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