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  1. I take that back about the PM, it was my visitor message you didn't reply to. I do apologise And it's not that I don't want to talk at all. My depression can play up at times so :pinch: x
  2. Well you didn't reply to my message and you seemed quite off with your reply :/
  3. Is something up? :/
  4. Hope you're okay :hugs:
  5. I might take you up on that offer of a chat one day, there's only so unmushing of my brain that Twitter can do. Tempted to write a post in the dear you thread to my bullies too, to see if that helps at all. I'll give them a listen after this You Me At Six song :ninja: Yeah I can relate to not being able to listen to certain songs because of the meaning attached to them :/ :hugs: Memories ruined You Me At Six for a while because of a damn girl - I want to say that sounds stupid but it's basically the same as you and I wouldn't say it's silly or stupid :nah: It's completely human :hugs: If you PM your e-mail address I could send you it if you wished? Hope you're okay lovely and I do really apologise for how long it's taken me to reply :/

    EDIT: I can see why you like them :yes: Very acousticcy and incredibly easy on the ears.
  6. I'm going to reply now sorry >.< Sorry :/
  7. Yeah I've been doing more stalking than posting recently. I guess I'm safe but I don't feel strong at all and I've had iffy dreams two nights in a row :/ It is great; I did my first homework for it yesterday and it asked me to write a short description of myself and apart from 'I think I'm kind', it was all negative :/ Poet is sooo good live :3 That and These Streets are such happy, bouncy songs. I'm just trying to not overplay either so I don't get sick of them x
  8. Still struggling abit. I know I didn't get back to your message and I'm so sorry about that :/ I'm completely safe I think, just my mood isn't great and neither's my self-esteem but I've finally started therapy which is a plus. How're you? :hugs:
  9. Right I'm replying. Like nows :ninja:
  10. I don't know if that's a good or a bad thing :facepalm: I'm just being who I am? *Shrugs* Which apparently according to others is lovely? :/

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