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  1. Hey

    Haven't spoken to you in ages How has your application gone? Where have you applied to in the end? And how did you get on with the MAT?
  2. Hey, nice to hear I'm well-known enough to have people sent to me. :p: Good course/college choice!

    In terms of tutors, it's hard to say much about the future since some of the tutors we have at the moment are quite young, so there might be new people by the time your course would start. In general they're good though - maths tutors are a strange breed generally, but they're nice enough and very good at what they do. Tutorials are either in pairs or alone, depending on how many mathmos there are in the year (we have 9, so there's always someone by themselves) - solo tutes sound scary, but they're really not that bad; on the maths side it's basically all tutorials, with classes only occasionally when there's something they want to get through quickly. Whether tutorials are weekly or fortnightly varies by tutor - most of ours have been fortnightly so far for maths. On the philosophy side again I've no idea what tutors there'll be in two years' time, but we did Intro to Logic (which all philosophers do) as a class, and General Philosophy (which all philosophers do) alternating classes and tutorials - in my year I'm the only non-PPEist philosopher, so I have tutorials in another college for Elements of Deductive Logic (which is only MathPhils and PhysPhils), and I'll have solo tutorials in college for the Frege I do next term (only MathPhils).

    Hope that makes sense; let me know if you have other questions.

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    I particularly enjoy math (maths?), although I also enjoy virtually everything else.
    I enjoy Tae Kwon Do--I'm a black belt--reading, and walking (with and without my dog). I'm studying Korean in my spare time.

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