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  1. :cool: Cheers - very inspirational stuff. Thanks for all the advice on skipping questions. That is the only way to get the majority right, I'll make sure I remember. Hope you smash the exam too. I'll let you know how I do. Best of luck!!
  2. Phoenix_147
    Thanks very much I wish you all the luck in the world too. I know exactly what its like to want something so badly, and you know you would make an amazing vet/doctor if only the people in charge would glance at you! SO heres my advice... make them glance! smash the exam, you have nothing to lose. Breathe, then show those unis what you have to offer

    On a slightly more serious note ill tell you something that screwed me up last year. You will NOT be able to answer all these questions. There will be some that you wont have a clue how to do. and it REALLY doesnt matter. Dont get choked up or down about one question. chalk it up as an expected casualty and then smash the next 5 questions instead.
    Anyways good luck good luck good luck!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Oh... I see. You sound like you've prepared well. I have revised for the last 4 weeks, with the last 2 being pretty solid because it was half term. This exam is pretty important I know making it all the more scarier. Haha, worse than uni finals?? Good luck to you, I hope you get the mark you need to get into RVC.
  4. Phoenix_147
    oh yeah! Silly me! Im actually applying to Graduate vet med at RVC. Im sort of crashing the general medicine BMAT thread because its much better than the vet one. I tried last year but totally uinderestimated it, I just didnt want to wait another year so i applied straight out of graduation which was a BIG mistake! oh well a year wiser now and this time ive literally spent weeks going over it. Im also really lucky because I did Uni Bio first year, and have friends that have 1st class physics and chem degrees so im using them as tutors!!
    How much work have you done for this?? i think my biggest downfull is how much this exam means and I wont be able to cope with the pressure come tomorrow! this exam is worse than my uni finals!
  5. Yeah it's on the top right corner of your profile. So are you applying for graduate entry medicine? I think you will be fine. I think the work you have put in this year will definitely pay off. Where have you applied?
  6. R u actually 22?

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