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  1. Just wanted to say I love your food blog!
  2. Hey Toto

    As you can see, I'm loving your foodie surveys and games! Can you pretty-please do a survey on Christmas food? I wish more people would answer some of them... But that'd be a cool one!

    Happy Little Christmas Eve xx
  3. Yassss! :smile:
  4. So I've been reading more of your food reviews, and of course they don't fail to impress. You are very funny. Also love how I'm not the only one who thinks like a total geek and saw the tonberry resemblance with the snowman

    Might have to buy one of those mega looking m&s sandwiches you got. I never buy anything but the cheese, ham and pickle ones from there and they are £3.50 (or £3), so I may as well buy that beast of a sandwich you got. I'll be on the look out

    Anyway, don't stop the food reviews please!
  5. Fellow Scottish person I see? :teehee:
  6. What did you dislike about my post?
  7. Hiya.

    I don't post much around here but I do a lot of lurking, and I just wanted to say that I find your posts in the Mental Health section of the forum to be a big help for me. They're very insightful, and always help me to remain calm with so many thoughts racing round in my head. They especially help me to question dark thoughts and try to see where they're coming from. It's very easy for me to hide behind the internet when suffering from mental health issues, but your posts are always a delight to read. I think you've been a source of comfort for a lot of people, and I hope you continue posting there.
  8. Hotspotman is advice_guru btw.
  9. Na, we cook Sautéed beef heart FOR the members of TSR (but only the hot ones)

    You being the resident TSR chef, I thought we could collaborate to bring a delicious dish to the sexy people
  10. Actually, change of plan - Satéed beef heart.

    A bit of garlic and thyme, throw in a side of salad and I think you and me will both have everyone on TSR drooling over us

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    I'm a 28 year old guy, currently living in Newcastle and working for a large videogame company as a UI artist.

    I graduated from a BA (Hons) in Computer Arts, having previously completed an HND in Video and Animation.

    My favourite hobbies include illustration, gaming, movies, and watching a ridiculous amount of Come Dine with Me...
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    Masters in Game Art and Animation
    BA (Hons) in Computer Arts
    HND in Video Production and Animation

    5 Highers, 4 Ints, 8 Standard Grades.

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