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  1. I too, love come dine with me
  2. Yeah, I'd read in the reviews that the camera was annoying... might get it though, if it's ok apart from that. Thanks again :L
  3. Hello! Thought I'd ask because you seem to be quite knowledgeable about video games...
    Would you recommend Epic Mickey for the Wii??? It got some bad reviews but I thought it looked good. I noticed on your cartoons website that you'd drawn a comic for it, so I hoped that meant you'd played it...
  4. I came across this and thought you'd be the one person who would appreciate its beauty as much as I do:

    Scandybars - scanned chocolate bars.

  5. Just want to say I love your threads they are just brilliant!
  6. Pandabär
    Toto, riddle me this: could one *theoretically* microwave half a kebab from the day before? :teeth:
  7. hii, ever since you mentioned the "big purple one" bar the other day i've been in every shop nearby looking for one because i NEED to have one but i cannot find one anywhere. please tell me where you found this bar of yuminessss?
  8. I've ran out of rep but your "my dinner doesn't look like that" thread is hysterical XD
  9. yes you are really right. That ofter than more would be overlap. Beer t Shirts
  10. Hi Tommy, could you make a summer food thread pleaaaaase. I feel wrong making one myself. You just make that so much more fun! I have a summer food in mind!

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    Abertay, Dundee (graduated with Masters)
    Videogame UI Artist
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    About me
    I'm a 28 year old guy, currently living in Newcastle and working for a large videogame company as a UI artist.

    I graduated from a BA (Hons) in Computer Arts, having previously completed an HND in Video and Animation.

    My favourite hobbies include illustration, gaming, movies, and watching a ridiculous amount of Come Dine with Me...
    Academic Info
    Masters in Game Art and Animation
    BA (Hons) in Computer Arts
    HND in Video Production and Animation

    5 Highers, 4 Ints, 8 Standard Grades.

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