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  1. hey, do you know any good nightclubs in london? i noticed that u mentioned something about kings university.
  2. hello buddy.. me trying for Business Management in 2012!!!!!!
    hows it????
  3. okay.. So, how is the level of the teaching? Do you have to study a lot? (all the time)? How are the students and the teachers? Are the students friendly or do they look down on others because they can go to such a reputable university? Because its like a usual problem here in Hungary.. What else... Are the teachers friendly? Can you turn to them if you have a problem or question? Can you miss classes or they ask for signitures in every class? Do oyu think that you get A LOT from this coursE? Dont you feel that this is a knowledge that you could gain on your own without education? What is your "future plans"? How do you imagine your carreer? R u planning to make your own business?

    Huh I guess thats all (for now:P)... Im worried becaus I know that I want to make a business some time, but I dont think that oyu need any extra knowledge to be able to do this. Besides this, I would expect from a University to provide a lot of classes with different topics from which you can get some intelligence, and get to know more about the world..And since this course does not have Economics (maximum the basis) it is like impossible to really dig yourself into the real its not just abouthow to make the biggest amoung of money for me..
    What do you think? Does it give you a wide range of knowledge?
    Oh and one more thing. Is it hard to get into the King's? Are you from Great Brittain?

    Thank youuu very much, and sorry that Im writing you such letters at night
  4. Hi! You wrote somewhere that you are studying at King's in Busines&Management. Could you tell me how you like it? How are the education, teachers, social activities, London ??

    Im really worried, coz I cannot make an opinion according to what I read on the internet.
    Any advice?
  5. Hey there...
    I read somewhere that you went to Hamilton College... I'm going there this fall!
    I'm an international applicant, so I haven't seen much of the place...
    Is there anything you can tell me or any advice you can give me about going there?

    Thanks a lot!
  6. I am not at any liberal arts school?
  7. What 'liberal arts school' are you at, if you don't mind my asking?

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