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  1. Hey Ayshizzle! I've just got a question to ask regarding Dentistry and AS results. I'm in year 12 and got AABB in Chemistry, maths, biology and physics. I think (and hope ) my predicted grades by my teachers will be AAAb. Do I still have a chance? Thanks for the help! Really appreciate it!
  2. Hey,

    Do you know if NCL will let you defer an offer for the next year if you ask them?
  3. Hello,

    I read your post about knowing someone who failed medical school applied again and got back in? Is this true or just a rumour? I have a friend who has just been rejected by appeals and I am telling him to just reapply again. Did you friend declare on UCAS he failed??

  4. Ahhh no problem. So have I. London 2012 is a buttwad of work too!
    I wasn't that sucessfull this year. I'm going to have to push ahead with BTEC instead :facepalm: they were honestly that bad :sigh:

    How is your work? HCA/Phlebotomy right?

    I've not been any different. Been Security Team Leader at the Olympics. Would have done Paralympics too but my parents banned me from working as I flunked AS again :sigh:

    But I have work lined up for the future during holidays etc... in Event Security

    and lol backsliding
  5. Sweet, congrats Ayshizzles on being a mod! (wineglass cling!)
  6. Ramadan Kareem to you too

    Yeah, I was successful in my application in medicine (to at least receive and offer) so I'll either be in Scotland or Ireland by September - can't wait! Apart from that, just having to sort of endure this month, which is obviously uncomfortable for someone like myself but it hasn't been too bad. It is not as though the weather has been brilliant either so I haven't missed out on any summer fun :rolleyes:

    How have you been anyway (I hope you are making more of your summer than I am haha) and when did you become a mod?
  7. Ahh only 2 months, although to be fair the series goes on for bloody half a year because of Amerislows T_T Lileth <3
  8. Yeah I found out that it had been merged
  9. I thought it was good, I prefer the God-Angel storylines tbh but well awaiting what's going to happen now that Castiel and Dean are in purgutory.. should be wicked haha
  10. Castiel is awesome! And no Sam is cooler than Dean haha You watched the newest season yet? What did you think? ( I watched it online )

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