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  1. Hi,

    I just spotted you on one of the York threads. I'm currently a first year PPE student at Royal Holloway, but I've been given a 2nd year place on the PPE course at York.

    Basically, I just wanted to know how you're finding it so far. Do you thinking the teaching quality is good? Are the modules well-paced (by which I mean, not too slow)? How do you find the people? Most of all, are you enjoying it?


  2. :sexface: I dont doubt that. Bet all the ladies take their...teeth off for you.
  3. awww you really have grown old...

    Should we call you grandpa now :daydreaming:

  4. I'm gonna take a guess and say.. Daniel..? hello?

    (so awks if not. oh well)
  5. excellent :sexface:
  6. That is true, though at the same time they are quite entertaining :beard:

    stick around though, don't give up on tsr just yet
  7. Why not? :puppyeyes:

    I'm gradually finding everyone from fb
  8. Guten Tag. I thought it was weird that I've basically never talked to you on TSR :lolwut:
  9. Oh Austria :rolleyes:

    y u waste so much money?
  10. Seas,

    hab grad in nem Oxford thread gesehen dass du dich für PPE bewirbst. Ich wohne derzeit in Wien und bin grad zum 2. mal dabei mich zu bewerben (trinity).
    Hab mich nur gefragt ob wir uns vllt sogar kennen. Wohnst du in Wien? Ich war am Theresianum, falls du das kennst.



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