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  1. Hey well done on your offer at barts and the london, what were your gcse grades? ) thankyouu
  2. Okay thanks for the tip. But wud u be able to be a bit more specific please, I knw it annoying sorry. But do they ask personal statement questions and the usual questions, or is it all the scenarios and practical stuff. Xx
  3. hi mastahh
    how r u?
    sorry to bother you but i read on the thread that you had your Cardiff interview today (18th feb)
    i was wondering if u cud help me out with it cos i hav one on thursday and its my only interview.
    i know its annoying for me to be asking you, but im sure u understand where im at, im so desperate
    please please please can you help me with it.
    thanks xxx
  4. And also yes my name is Jojo in real life
  5. Sorry, I've been so depressed about the Bart's interview I forgot to reply - do forgive ?
    Yeah looks like we may Aww bless you - KCL is lovely i'm sure you'll have a fab time where ever you chose to go Been working on the confidence lol - I just really need to stop erming and uming LMAO - LOL I wish interviewers would see the creative side of me like you do haha - Np genuinely hope it goes amazingly for you!
  6. Are you group F too ? See you there maybe. Lol you obviously can - you've got KCL - it's the hardest and the best I don't know what my 1st choice is, but I feel I'd owe it to the 1st uni that gives me an offer to attend lol I'd love to go anywhere as long as it's dentistry i don't mind! Good luck w/ cardiff too, sure you won't need it though ! Hopefully we both Mastahh Barts
  7. Aww that's good, you seem(write and give advice :P) like a calm person. The Barts interview is on the 6th of February at 11.00/11.30 one of them yours? Thanks Sagar, that's lovely advice.... I'm working on it - i do tend to get rather nervous where is your first choice ?
  8. Hi Sagar I'm alright thank you, how are you ?
    Yeah it's going okay i guess, I've got a rejection from Leeds and an interview at Barts, that's all I've heard so far - How's your application going ? you have like 2 offers right ? - give me one please :P
    I think there is just even more pressure on me now for Barts... getting a bit nervous :O
  9. Hello there,

    I noticed that you already attended the kings interview and managed to secure a place. Congrats!

    Btw, how was the interview for kings like? My interview is on the 29th of january :O
  10. Hey, have you heard anything from Bham yet?

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