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  1. Hello! I saw your post that you got an interview with ruskin! I might apply there in 2 years!
    Please please could I see some of your work? i just wanted to see what sort of work they are looking for?
    would be very very happy if you could show me
    thanks so much and WELL DONE ON YOUR INTERVIEW!
  2. no, not yet, but congrats!
  3. i know ugh and i just realised i made a huge mistake on my portfolio are you happy with yours?
  4. no but it's highly recommended or something, but loads haven't, just asked a few
    Btw, when are you collecting your portfolio and do you have it online? curious about your work, you've sent it so early, it sounds like amazing gonna take mine there in a few days, just before deadline :/
  5. Hey again, just wondering... did you do a foundation course?
  6. haha yeah me too, hope we both get in i'm from china, but it's quite complicated haha.
  7. wow! So you're actually coming over to england? :O Your english is really good! How did you learn it, and did you have to take TOEFL? We had to do alevels and stuff :/
  8. Romanian? wow! So you live there, or.. where are you? haha
    Did you send an eportfolio to them or did you actually take it in?
    Alsoooo, can i have your email?
  9. oh well done! I haven't finished yet, i'm a procrastinator How many pieces do you have in total? And just out of curiousity...Are you French? I'm kind of new to TSR so I was trying to find where to reply your message and saw some French on your page haha.
  10. Oh my god really! If we both get an interview, can we meet? I'm so scared of being by myself there! Also, have you filled out that cc form yet? Have you finished your portfolio?

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