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  1. hi yum yum checkout bawn wild on you tube 'bad things knockin' let me no yr verdict x
  2. No problem.

    Maybe you can introduce me to your wonderful munchie yum yum world sometime. Show me what goes on through that brilliant oh-so-witty mind of yours...
    im also eager to improve my arsenal of sarcasm and passive aggression. Being indirect is so much better than being direct/upfront after all...especially on tsr
  3. Wear big glasses and a white lab coat :pierre:

    a white wig would help too... maybe something similar to this:
  4. ps by far the creepiest message posted here
  5. Clearly magic is behind everything, so anyone who studies quantum is a moron...

    but yes i am doing a module as part of my physics course...
    if you want help with something, im pretty much useless until i actually get down to revising :holmes:
  6. And why do you say that?
  7. O_O

  8. bahjat93
    Dude, i tried mailing you but you were banned so it didn't let me .
    So why did you get banned??
  9. Yes; that's true. Sometimes it takes some (negative) life experiences to realize that : /

    But balancing all of these could be hard (just like anything in life). Sometimes we could (without us noticing) stray away from the correct logical thinking and go straight to the negative; life has its ways slapping us without us even getting ready.
  10. Owh? Why the sudden question?
    Hurm... I don't really know; I consider myself to be very lenient, but somehow... life happens, and I've to changed certain ways I deal with things :erm:
    I can appreciate what you're saying; I had high expectations with work prior and I know it somehow affected my relationship with a few.

    Don't know It's a complicated thing really : /
    Good question though. I'm interested to know what you went through that made you change your view on the particular matter (don't tell if it's personal).

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