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  1. I know! Right? Bognor-Regis is ****ing crazy lol
  2. lol. Same here. Pisses me off. Check this thread: It's lulzy
  3. aah Okay. I'm doing Biology,Chemistry,Physics,Englis h Combined and being a jackass who hasn't revised yet :getmecoat: lol
  4. mmm... Great subjects Chengis!! Plans for the future?
  5. Oh okay lol. Well I just PM'd and VM'd him so I await his action I guess. What do you study?
  6. Thanks. Left him a PM and a Visitor Message too. I have asked him aaaaaggggggeeeessss ago if he could add me as a rep for Antigua and Barbuda. It's current rep: House Of Jonny is banned and has been for a while.

    But I would rather rep Canada tbh.

    Is Canada in the Security Council. So would I be in the security council too if I rep Canada?

    Don't worry its a canadian joke lol
  7. :awesome: All the Bacon and Maple Syrup in the world eh?
  8. Yes please. I would like to represent Canada. What do I do. Tell you or the Forum assistant for the MUN
  9. Is it possible to be rep of two nations in the MUN simulataneously :eek:
  10. you are invited to join the theology guild soc

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    Ali Abdul Hussain ibn Al Muttalab
    Where I study
    Star Sign
    Don't believe in it
    I like reading books specifically historic fiction, science fiction and fantasy.

    I like watching films specifically science fiction, historical and alternative. I do not like modern comedies or horrors because they just aren't funny or scary :|

    I like keeping up to date with current affairs especially regarding Afghanistan and China.

    I like reading up about history specifically Afghan history, Islamic history, classical history and colonial history.

    If you have any questions regarding any of the above or just anything in general I will not hesitate to reply :]
    We will never allow you to dictate to us how to run our country and whom to employ in Afghanistan. How and where we employ the foreign experts will remain the exclusive prerogative of the Afghan state. Afghanistan shall remain poor, if necessary, but free in its acts and decisions.
    -Daoud Khan

    Whatever countries I conquer in the world, I would never forget your beautiful gardens. When I remember the summits of your beautiful mountains, I forget the greatness of the Delhi throne.
    -Ahmad Shah Durrani

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