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  1. Yeah, me too. That puts me off. A lot. I looked at the course, so much hardware and architecture, yuck. But reputation is surely a huge one. Imperial must be the 2nd best for reputation after Oxbridge, no? Also, how come you didn't go for UCL?
  2. Why didn't you choose Imperial? :O
  3. Oh right, that's pretty impressive. Did you apply to Imperial, UCL, Oxbridge too?
  4. Did you take FM at A2, by the way?
  5. Yeah looked at it ,most of it looks okay. I think I should see some basic programming first and see if I'll enjoy it or not. Pretty hard to decide what I want to do in uni :P
  6. Thanks

    Are there any things I could do or look at to tell me whether or not I'd enjoy it? Also how do you like the Computer Architecture/Hardware part of the course such as NAND and NOR gates?
  7. First year? What made you choose it and also how do you find it so far?

    I'm torn between choosing Maths/Economics or CS right now and have no clue how to decide. Mainly wondering if I'd like CS and if it's needed in the rapid developement of technology
  8. Hey again, want to ask u something which is do u recommend a person like me, applying for university, to try and learn a programming language beforehand? Like is it CRUCIAL to do it? Dont unis say like its better for students to actually not learn a language in case they learn like bad habits before uni?
    Also, do universities help to like install the programmes on ur laptop? Or do they expect you to do it, cus my operating system is Mac OSX, and im sorta finding trouble in downloading and installing a program....
  9. yo, I think I asked before but you study CS right?
  10. Hello, I noticed ur answers to my question and several others,I just wanted to confirm with u again. I am literally panicking atm, i aint kidding, i just had a mini panic attack only to be calmed down by my friend.....its just that I am ****ting myself that I wont be able to get into university for computer science because I literally do not have any work experience compared to everyone else, like i said, only experience i can think of is creating a website spreading asian culture and also creating a website for my enterprise group....

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    Awkward 18 year-old recluse. Self-confessed music addict. Occasionally starts talking about herself in the third person.
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    Stantonbury Campus 2006-2009.

    GCSEs at King Edward's School Witley - 2009-2011

    A-Levels in Maths, Further Maths and Computing at Godalming College - 2011-2013.

    BSc Computer Science with Placement at the University of Bath - 2013-2017. Somehow managed to talk my way into a BP STEM Scholarship, which is pretty rad.

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